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Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 21st September 2023 Written Update: Roshni confesses her feelings for Shiv!

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 21st September 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Surili performing a puja and expressing her admiration for the family and their efforts. Shiv asks Surili where she got the money from. Surili reveals that she sold her café and gave away her properties. Shiv is shocked by this revelation. Surili emphasizes that this home is of utmost importance to all of them. The entire family praises Surili for her sacrifice. However, Samar warns Roshni that performing one good deed does not make her a good person. Roshni counters by saying that the strength of goodness lies in not fearing anything. She also reveals that she played a part in Samar’s plan to save Mohit’s family. Samar insists that Roshni cannot become a good person by just doing one good thing and that she should repay for her past betrayal. Roshni smirks while Samar leaves in disappointment.

Meanwhile, everyone gathers in the hall where Raghav expresses his intention to teach Samar a lesson. However, Rani intervenes and advises Samar to let go of his anger and rebellious attitude if he truly wants to be his mother’s son. Samar silently enters the house without saying anything. Later, Rani and Roshni feed Mohit and engage in a conversation about Roshni’s plans to leave since the family has not fully accepted her. Rani sympathizes with Roshni but also suggests that Roshni came here with a specific purpose in mind. Surili and Shiv approach Roshni and express their gratitude for her help. They attempt to convince Rani to let Roshni stay, but Rani insists that Roshni’s presence is solely for the well-being of Shiv and promises to ensure that Roshni receives the best medical treatment in Mumbai. Roshni admits that she has always loved Shiv and came with the intention of winning him back, but she now realizes her mistake and agrees to leave in a couple of days. She apologizes to Surili and Shiv for any inconvenience caused.

Suddenly, they hear a commotion and witness goons beating up Samar. Raghav seems to enjoy the scene, believing that Samar deserves it. A man arrives and demands his money back, claiming that Samar convinced him to invest in a property that didn’t yield any returns. Samar insists that he doesn’t have the money, and the goons continue to beat him. Maan tries to intervene, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Samar calls the police for help. Shiv goes to Samar’s aid, and they both fight off the goons. As the leader of the goons prepares to fire a bullet, Shiv notices and jumps in front of Samar to protect him. Samar is left speechless, and the rest of the family rushes to Shiv’s side. The police arrive and apprehend the goons, while a doctor begins treating Shiv. Everyone is worried, and Surili is in tears. Rani reassures everyone that Shiv is strong, and Samar arrives at the scene. Surili admits that she was wrong to always see the good in Samar and expresses her regret for trusting him. She blames herself for the consequences of her kindness towards him. The doctor then informs the family that they urgently need someone with AB- blood type. The family immediately starts calling people, while Samar quietly leaves the scene.

The episode ends.

Precap – Rani accepts Samar as her fifth son, and Surili takes over Rani’s responsibilities.


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