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Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum Upcoming Story: Samar to take away something precious from the Barots!

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Sony TV’s Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum is airing its final episodes before it goes off the air on 22nd September. The show is working towards tying up loose ends and giving its viewers a happy ending.

In the midst of all this, viewers will witness a change of heart in Roshni as she joins the Barots against Samar. Surili and Maan make every effort to make Samar realize his mistake, but their attempts fail.

In the current storyline, Samar decides to auction the palace, causing distress among the Barots. Maan and Surili try to convince Samar to reconsider, but he remains stubborn. During the auction, Samar is shocked to see Shiv participating. Surili places the highest bid and wins the palace.

Rani happily accepts the palace back, leaving Samar furious. To worsen his anger, Roshni reveals that she deceived Samar and teamed up with the Barots because she realized she was wrong.

In the upcoming episodes, Samar will be furious about his defeat and Roshni’s betrayal. Roshni, on the other hand, will be happy to support the Barots and her son. The Barots will accept Mohit and Roshni into their family.

Roshni assures that she holds no grudges against Surili. With the Barots reclaiming the palace from Samar, he will be saddened by his failure and his inability to do justice to his mother. He will have a confrontation with Shiv, who suddenly gets shot, leaving everyone shocked.

Will the Barots be able to change Samar’s heart? Will Surili succeed in her plan to reunite the family?

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