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Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 20th September 2023 Written Update: Roshni’s move changes Samar’s game plan!

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 20th September 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Surili notices that Samar is becoming bitter and believes that it is because he misses the love and care of his family. She understands that he is not filled with hate, but rather longs for the bond he once had. Samar insists that he does not feel any connection with his family. However, Surili reminds him that he is kind and caring towards Mohit, which shows that he has a good heart. Maan also reassures Samar, saying that he sees him as an elder brother and that Samar should trust him and the rest of the family to care for him. Just then, Shiv interrupts and questions Samar’s intentions. Samar warns Shiv and Surili not to try to soften him or change his mind, as he believes their family’s true nature is revealed. He also informs them that the auction for the mahal will take place in one hour, so they should present themselves well. Samar leaves, leaving everyone shocked.

The Barots try to make calls to arrange something before the auction starts. As the auction begins, the media gathers, and memories flood back for everyone in the mahal. The media tries to question Rani about Samar being denied his rights as a son, but Surili asks them to wait for a better time. Samar welcomes everyone and acknowledges the history of the mahal before it gets auctioned. Shiv’s participation in the bidding surprises Samar. The bid keeps increasing, and Surili receives a message. She bids the highest value, leading to the house being sold to the Barots, which shocks Samar. Shiv asks Surili where she got so much money from, but she dismisses the question. Roshni explains that the Barots were united and that was their strength.

A flashback is shown where Roshni apologizes to Surili for being on the wrong path and recognizing her mistake with Mohit’s help. The previous night, Roshni informs the family about the auction, and they all try to gather the required money. Samar questions Roshni about why she betrayed him. Roshni explains that she couldn’t betray her son’s family and that she realized her mistake in siding with the wrong people. She credits Mohit for guiding her to support the right people and decides to go with her son and family. Samar is left angry and upset. Surili thanks Roshni, and Shiv asks Surili about the money, but she avoids the topic. Rani goes to collect the papers for the mahal, while Samar watches her with a heavy heart. The episode ends with everyone clapping.

In the upcoming episode, Samar and Shiv will have a fight, and someone will shoot Shiv, leaving everyone worried.


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