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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 15th December 2023 Written Update: Heer finds Naina used to work in Janel’s company

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 15th December Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Mr Atwal and Beant Singh exchanging greetings. Mr Atwal tells Ranjha that he will never forget the respect and care he saw in his eyes that night, which even his own people didn’t show. He blesses Ranjha and hugs him, assuring Beant Singh that Heer will be treated like a daughter in their family. Rajwinder feels irritated and asks Teji to start the engagement rituals.

Heer arrives at the Atwal house wearing a purple lehenga, which shocks Rajwinder and triggers Janel as he starts having flashbacks of the incident with Naina. Suraj Singh tries to take Janel inside, while Kuldeep tells Heer that he considers himself lucky. Ranjha, on the other hand, believes that his sacrifice for love is nothing compared to Heer marrying Kuldeep for the sake of her family’s happiness.

Janel angrily approaches Heer, but Ranjha immediately stops him and pushes him away. Rajwinder calms Janel down and sends him inside with Suraj. She then fabricates a story about Janel’s childhood trauma, claiming that he is scared of the color purple because of that incident.

Rajwinder apologizes to Heer and her family, and Heer decides to change her dress. Kuldeep is mesmerized once again upon seeing Heer, while Ranjha’s eyes are filled with love for her. Kuldeep offers his hand to Heer and brings her on stage. However, before Kuldeep can put the ring on her finger, a police inspector arrives and calls out for Janel Singh Atwal. The police say they have come to inquire about a missing girl from their company, J & J Pharma, as it was mentioned in a tweet. Heer realizes that Janel is the owner of the company.

The police inspector shows the video that Heer had posted, in which she talked about Naina’s story. The video attracts attention from a women’s welfare foundation, who are protesting the issue. Teji recalls receiving a call regarding the same matter. The inspector informs Janel that he has to come to the police station, but Rajwinder insists that they will go after Kuldeep’s engagement is completed. Heer stops the police from leaving and offers to provide the address of the lady in the video, stating that she is mentally fit.

Ranjha worries about how Heer will survive among a family involved in illegal activities. Rajwinder acts calm and emphasizes that the important matter is Kuldeep’s engagement to Heer. Heer asks for permission to question Janel, explaining that she is not doubting him but that Naina was her close friend. Janel starts speaking disrespectfully to Heer and claims that Kuldeep will not get engaged to her. Kuldeep intervenes and asserts that he will get engaged to Heer. Rajwinder ends up slapping Janel, and the episode concludes with her urging Heer to ask whatever she wants from Janel.


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