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Kumkum Bhagya 15th December 2023 Written Update: Prachi shares her concern with Manpreet

Kumkum Bhagya 15th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Rajvansh offering to drop Purvi, but she declines, stating that she has already reached her destination. Rajvansh then asks for directions to leave and as Purvi starts walking, he stops her from colliding with a bike. They share a hug and gaze into each other’s eyes before Rajvansh helps Purvi cross the road safely. He advises her to take care and leaves.

Meanwhile, Rajvansh’s driver hands him his lunch box, but Rajvansh refuses to eat. The driver insists, but eventually leaves.

Krishna, thinking about Purvi, calls her home and Prachi answers. Krishna expresses his disapproval of Ashutosh as a potential partner for Purvi. Prachi reveals that Purvi is like a daughter to her, confusing Krishna. Prachi clarifies the misunderstanding, and Krishna realizes he called the wrong number.

Rajvansh overhears his attendant talking on the phone about Purvi. Misunderstanding the conversation, Rajvansh asks for clarification. The attendant explains that he was speaking to his wife, not mentioning Purvi. Rajvansh decides to focus on his work and avoid thinking about Purvi.

Diya questions Purvi about her decision to marry Ashutosh. Purvi explains that she is doing so because she has no father to protect her. She shares how people like Jasveer harass her family, and marrying Ashutosh will provide security. Jasveer spots Purvi in the market and starts following her.

Prachi shares her concerns with Manpreet, who reveals that Sheela, Ashutosh’s aunt, is spreading false rumors about Purvi’s involvement with Rajvansh and Jasveer. Prachi decides to confront Sheela. Vishaka adds that if Purvi’s engagement is called off, it will affect Diya’s marriage prospects as well, urging Prachi to ensure the wedding takes place.

Jasveer continues to observe Purvi from a distance, but his bodyguard reminds him to maintain his distance. Purvi notices Jasveer and leaves with Diya in an auto.

Jasveer determines to make Purvi his and plans to find a permanent solution for Rajvansh.

And that concludes the episode.


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