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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 17th December 2023 Written Update: Kuldeep and Heer dance together

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 17th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode concludes with Kuldeep expressing his love for Heer and hoping that she will also love his family just as she loves her own. Beant Singh tells Heer that he believes Kuldeep will keep her happy for the rest of her life and he is proud of her choice. Heer feels sorry for lying about Kuldeep being her choice. Kuldeep and Heer dance to the song Apna Bana le Piya. Ranjeet watches them, and Navjot taunts him, saying that he should dream within his limits to avoid suffering. Kuldeep and Heer perform a romantic dance, receiving applause from everyone.

Beant Singh blesses Heer and Kuldeep and hugs her. Rajwinder announces that she wants to keep Heer there and not let her go, but they have to wait for two days. She invites the guests for the mehendi ritual the next day. Heer apologizes to Jarnail for what happened and explains that she only wants justice for her friend Naina, hoping he will understand. Ranjeet hugs Jarnail and warns him that if he raises his hand on Heer again, he will lose his hands.

Rajwinder tells Teji not to leave Jarnail alone. Teji goes to her room and looks for Jarnail. She receives a call from the women welfare association, and she puts it on loudspeaker. They inform her that their protest was effective, and now they are searching for Naina. Jarnail overhears the conversation and confronts Teji. He ends up saying that the police will arrest him. Teji questions his strange behavior and asks if he knew Naina. Jarnail denies knowing her and angrily states that he has nothing to do with Naina before leaving.

Naina’s friend attends Heer’s function and realizes that he needs to make sure the pendrive containing the video reaches Heer. The minister calls Jarnail and warns him about canceling the deal and his ticket to the party if he is involved in Naina’s matter. Ranjha tells Heer that Beant Singh looked relieved. Naina’s friend intentionally makes Heer’s bag fall and places the pendrive inside it. Navjot scolds Heer for taking action against the Atwals. Heer worries about losing both her house and Beant Singh if anything goes wrong.

Heer believes that she won’t feel relieved until she finds Naina. When she picks up her bag to take her phone, she finds the pendrive. However, it shows an error when she tries to play it. The fuse blows out, and Heer fails to see the clip. Gurmeet tells Heer that he will use the Atwals’ connection to go to Canada, but Heer disagrees. Jasmin accidentally switches the pendrives while practicing dance, and the actual pendrive falls down. Ranjha asks Heer how she is doing, and Heer questions why he is being so formal when they were just together. Heer tells him to focus on Naina now. The episode concludes with Heer finding Jarnail’s strange reaction to the color purple and questioning the authenticity of Rajwinder’s story.


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