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Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 16th December 2023 Written Update: Pashminna slaps Sunil

Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 16th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Pashminna comes to the rescue of Fatima when Sunil tries to harm her. Raghav finds out about Sunil’s arrest and witnesses the whole incident. Sunil is taken to the police station by a constable, where he accuses Pashminna and Fatima. Pashminna slaps Sunil and narrates the entire incident to the police inspector. Fatima also tells her side of the story and breaks down in tears. Pashminna insists that Sunil deserves punishment, while Fatima reveals Sunil’s claim of being rich and untouchable. Pashminna argues that wealth does not give anyone the right to commit a crime and suggests that the whole family might be like Sunil.

Raghav defends his family’s reputation and is surprised by Pashminna’s boldness. Reeva arrives and defends her husband’s innocence, claiming that Pashminna and Fatima are only after money. Raghav tries to calm Reeva down, but she insists on talking to Sunil. Sunil is brought in by the constable, and Reeva asks him if he is okay.

The police inspector informs Reeva that Sunil attempted to molest Fatima in the hotel. Sunil denies the accusations and claims that Pashminna and Fatima came to steal. Pashminna denies Sunil’s allegations, while Fatima admits to stealing only papad. Reeva laughs at Fatima’s confession.

Pashminna emphasizes that no one has the right to molest another person and presents a photo as evidence to the police inspector. Reeva suggests that the photo shows Sunil scolding Fatima. Raghav points out that the hotel has CCTV cameras and offers the footage as proof.

Reeva instructs her lawyer to provide bail papers to the police inspector, which Pashminna finds unfair. Reeva confronts Pashminna about Sunil’s red cheeks, and Sunil admits that Pashminna slapped him. Reeva tries to slap Pashminna in return, but Raghav intervenes and urges her to calm down. He reassures Reeva that their family is not like this, and she storms off in frustration.

Pashminna and Fatima are shown a room by an uncle, who scolds Pashminna for going against Sunil before leaving. Fatima suggests that Pashminna might be in shock after seeing Raghav. Pashminna reveals that she accidentally sent an email to Raghav without knowing it was him. She notices that Fatima has fallen asleep.

Sunil insists to Reeva that he is innocent, while Reeva tells Mohana that the girls are lying. She claims to know the type of girls they are referring to. Raghav informs Reeva that they will obtain the CCTV footage the next day. Ayesha suggests that they all get some rest and asks Raghav about the girls. Reeva explains that the girls came for an exhibition and asks Raghav to cancel their stall.

Later, Avinash questions Raghav about why he did not mention that Pashminna filed a case against Sunil. Avinash believes that Pashminna is playing some sort of game for money. Raghav assures Avinash that the CCTV footage will prove everything.

The episode ends with a preview showing Pashminna discovering that Fatima has withdrawn her complaint and returned to Kashmir.


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