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Vanshaj Upcoming Story: Yuvika confronts Kabir!

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Get ready for more drama as Yuvika encounters Kabir Oberoy, the new troublemaker!

Simone pays a visit to DJ’s office and questions him about the pregnancy news. When DJ asks how she found out, she expresses her disappointment in him for breaking her trust once again. DJ tells her that Ruhi and the unborn child don’t matter to him because he only loves Simone. He offers her a divorce and promises to do whatever it takes to be with her. DJ pleads with Simone to trust him.

Yuvika arrives at Kabir’s office early, where a peon hands her a letter. The letter contains a puzzle that she must solve in order to meet Kabir. After solving the puzzles and traveling to Govandi, she finally comes face to face with Kabir at a salon. Yuvika finds him to be quite peculiar. She firmly declares that she won’t let him destroy their Mahajan empire. Kabir challenges her, and Yuvika confides in Neel that she believes Kabir has ulterior motives beyond just making profits.

Later, Simone visits Ruhi’s home to congratulate her. Ruhi purposely tries to make Simone jealous, sensing that something is going on between her and DJ. DJ is shocked to see Simone in their room. After Simone leaves, DJ lies to Ruhi, claiming that even though he has moved on, Simone is still struggling. Bhanu learns about Subhadra’s legal actions.

In the upcoming episode, Kabir will visit the Mahajan office and disrupt their board meeting. How will Yuvika handle this new trouble named Kabir? To find out what Yuvika does next, keep watching Vanshaj and stay tuned to this space.


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