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Vanshaj 16th December 2023 Written Update: Yuvika meets Kabir.

Vanshaj 16th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Simone confronting Dj about the pregnancy issue. She learned about it from Arjun, who also loves her. Simone expresses her disappointment in Dj, saying that she thought he wouldn’t lie to her, but he broke her trust once again. Dj dismisses Ruhi and the unborn child, stating that they don’t matter to him because he only loves Simone. He offers to give her a divorce and get rid of everything. Dj assures Simone that he never lies to her and will do whatever it takes to be with her, asking her to trust him.

Meanwhile, Yuvika arrives at Kabir’s office early and receives a letter from a peon. The letter instructs her to solve a puzzle in order to meet Kabir. If she’s late, she won’t be able to see him. Yuvika attempts to solve the puzzle and eventually heads to a place called Govandi to meet Kabir. On the way, she receives another puzzle via text, which annoys her. When Yuvika reaches Govandi, she discovers a salon where Kabir is getting a massage. He expresses surprise at her early arrival, but Yuvika doesn’t respond to his handshake.

Kabir asks Yuvika about her purpose for meeting him, and she questions his interest in the Mahajan group. Yuvika firmly states that she won’t let him harm the Mahajan group in any way. Kabir explains that he merely wanted to test if she’s capable of challenging him. Yuvika asks if he’s threatening her, but Kabir claims that only cowards threaten, while he simply does his work and leaves like a hunter. Yuvika argues that this is the corporate world, not a jungle, but Kabir insists that it’s a jungle for him. Yuvika vows to see what she can do. Later, Simone visits Ruhi with a gift and congratulates her.

Ruhi tries to make Simone jealous and says something to provoke her. Dj enters the room and finds Simone talking to Ruhi. Simone quietly asks Dj if this is her place in the future, to which he confirms. Dj advises Simone not to have come there, but she explains that she merely wanted to see the house. Simone leaves, and Ruhi asks Dj what was said between them. Kabir remarks that Simone is still struggling, despite him moving on. On their way back home, Yuvika tells Neel about her strange meeting with Kabir, feeling that his motives go beyond business profit. Neel drops Yuvika off at her home, and before leaving, he asks for a goodnight kiss. Yuvika playfully messes up his hair and leaves.

Bhanu discovers that Subhadra is planning to fight for her rights and file a case against him. Vidur suspects that this is Dhanraj’s plan. Yuvika believes that if a family member is asking for her rights, Bhanu should do what’s just. Dj informs Dhanraj and Gargi that Bhanu won’t go to court and that he is trapped. Dhanraj worries about Yuvika finding a way. The episode ends with a preview where Kabir visits the Mahajan office and interferes in a board meeting.


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