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Pushpa Impossible 16th December 2023 Written Update: Manish leaves the project for Ashwin

Pushpa Impossible 16th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Pushpa Impossible begins with Ashwin being shocked to see Dilip with Rashi. He approaches them and confronts them.

A few hours earlier, Manish tells Uppen that if he can’t allow Ashwin to join the project, then he won’t work on it either. Manish suggests that they find another project to work on. He then leaves.

Prathna visits Mahindra’s shop to buy groceries. Chirag also happens to be there. Prathna ignores Chirag and leaves. Chirag talks to Mahindra about Prathna, and Mahindra assures him that Prathna knows he didn’t push Bapodara. He advises Chirag to talk to Prathna calmly.

Deepti asks Ashwin about the meeting. Ashwin sarcastically replies that the meeting went great. Deepti senses his frustration and asks him what happened. Ashwin explains that he was insulted as they didn’t even want to talk to him. Deepti asks about Manish’s role in all of this, and Ashwin believes that Manish won’t break the contract because of him. Deepti reminds Ashwin that Manish took the contract because of him. Ashwin expresses his frustration and leaves.

Bapodara goes to meet MLA Patil, but he is asked to wait. Eventually, he is called inside. MLA Patil informs Bapodara that he is not the right candidate for their party ticket. He explains that Bapodara’s association with Dilip, who is staying in his chawl, damages the party’s image. MLA Patil believes that selecting Bapodara for the corporator seat would harm the party’s reputation.

Bhaskar advises Ashwin to calm down and let go of his anger. He asks Ashwin to drop him off at the chawl, and they leave together. However, Ashwin spots Rashi with Dilip and questions her about his presence. Rashi explains the situation to Ashwin.

Ashwin then confronts Pushpa about Dilip’s presence. Pushpa questions why Ashwin is there in the first place. Ashwin reveals that he came to drop Bhaskar but couldn’t resist confronting Dilip. He criticizes Pushpa for forgiving Dilip and allowing him to stay while punishing him for a small mistake. Ashwin questions her double standards.

Rashi reminds Ashwin that he left the house and can’t claim it as his own anymore. Ashwin retorts that it’s not his house. He also comments on how everyone compares him to Dilip. Bhaskar intervenes and urges Ashwin to calm down and go home. Ashwin expresses his frustration and says he doesn’t even know where his home is.

The episode ends, and in the upcoming episode, Bapodara notices Susheela wearing gold jewelry, raising suspicions for both Pushpa and Susheela. Bapodara visits Pushpa’s house and gets ready to hit Dilip with a cricket bat.


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