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Doree 16th December 2023 Written Update: Anand’s plan backfired at him

Doree 16th December 2023: Ganga Prasad and Doree Find Shelter in Thakurian’s House

The latest episode of Doree begins with Thakurian making a promise to the inspector that he will provide a house for Ganga Prasad. He suggests that Ganga Prasad can stay in his house until the construction is complete. Ganga Prasad forgives Thakurian, and the inspector warns that she will not let the matter go easily. However, Ganga Prasad insists on resolving the issue peacefully and not dragging it any further. Prem suggests that Ganga and Doree should stay in their house for Diwali celebrations. Anand leaves angrily, while Satho suggests lighting crackers to celebrate.

Meanwhile, Raj tries to convince Kailash Devi that Thakurian is trying to solve the issue. Thakurian informs Raj that Ganga Prasad and Doree will be staying in their house and asks him to arrange accommodation for them. Kailash Devi vents her anger on Raj, and Nani complains to Ganga Prasad about not being able to celebrate Danteras. Doree playfully teases Nani.

The people from the Basti arrive with necessary items and cook together to celebrate Danteras with Ganga Prasad’s family. Doree expresses her gratitude to God. On the other hand, Kailash Devi instructs the servant to remove all electrical items from the room, signaling her dislike towards the guests. She also breaks a water pot and shares her cunning plan with others. Vansh offers to help her and jumps on the bed, making her smile. Kailash Devi breaks a mirror and expresses her determination to execute her plan.

In another scene, Anand is seen drinking while Neelu informs him that Doree has arrived at his Haveli from Basti. Anand dismisses her words, asserting his control over the palace and expressing his dominance. Neelu narrates the story of Ramayan, comparing Doree’s journey from Vanavas (exile) to ruling the Haveli. Anand angrily grabs her by the neck, claiming that Doree is not a god and cannot escape from him.

Anand later arrives at Ganga Prasad’s house to find them sleeping outside. He plans to harm Doree by throwing a rock at her. However, Ganga Prasad’s protective gesture unintentionally causes the rock to hit his leg instead. Anand screams in pain, and Doree wakes up, realizing that her goat is still awake. She promises to take the goat to the Haveli the next day. Meanwhile, Thakurian attempts to explain to Kailash Devi why he made the decision he did, emphasizing the importance of preserving the family’s reputation.

The next day, Doree advises her goat not to create any trouble in the Haveli. Anand wakes up, struggling to walk due to his injured leg. He ignores Neelu’s call for help. Doree prevents him from falling and asks if he has come to take them to the Haveli. Ganga Prasad inquires about his injured leg, to which Anand dismisses it as a simple sprain. Doree offers to help him walk, commenting that he is just like his father.

The episode ends with a glimpse of the upcoming episode, where Kailash Devi sternly warns Doree about something important.


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