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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di Upcoming Story: Heer and Ranjha find Kammo !

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Zee TV Entertainment’s show Ikk Kudi Punjab Di is currently showcasing the story of Heer, who is getting married to Kuldeep against her will for the sake of her family’s happiness. In the meantime, her friend Naina’s mother escapes from a mental asylum and finds Heer. Will Heer be able to help Kammo?

In the previous episode, Beant Singh reluctantly accepts Heer and Kuldeep’s relationship, leaving Ranjha heartbroken but trying to hide his tears.

Rajwinder suggests having the Roka ceremony on the same day and completing the rest of the rituals within three days. However, Heer mentions that she has an exam in four days. Rajwinder advises her to take the exam after the reception.

Rajwinder instructs Suraj Singh to stop Kammo before she reaches the media or the police station. Kammo fears being sent back to the mental asylum if caught. She overhears Navjot mentioning that Heer will be going to the Gurdwara the next day.

Beant Singh selects a purple dress for Heer, but Teji notices Janel’s worry and tries to find out the reason behind it, leading to an argument. Janel becomes annoyed upon seeing a purple candle.

In the upcoming episode, Heer and Ranjha will find Kammo and Heer will ask her about her missing daughter, Naina. Rajwinder worries that if Kammo reaches the media or the police, it will create trouble.

Meanwhile, Heer promises to seek justice for Naina after Kammo reveals that Naina went to her office at J & J pharmacy and then went missing!

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to this space for more updates.


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