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Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th December 2023 Written Update: Hina supports Gazal

Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The latest episode of Rabb Se Hai Dua starts with Haider approaching Hina and asking her about an incident. He wants to know if she fell down accidentally or if someone pushed her. Haider emphasizes the importance of remembering this incident. Hina recalls the incident and admits that she can’t forget it. She glares at Gazal, who realizes her game might be over if Hina reveals the truth. Akhthar’s family members ask Hina what happened to her, and she lashes out at Gazal, ready to beat her with a broom. However, Gazal addresses her as “mom,” which stops Hina in her tracks. Dua questions why Hina stopped and asks her to share what Gazal did to her. Hina forgets the incident and asks Gazal what happened to her and who beat her. Gazal starts crying and blames Dua for the incident, claiming that Dua and others have been beating her. Hina is shocked and asks what’s going on. She questions how they could allow Dua to beat Gazal. Dua defends herself, stating that Gazal is intentionally causing a scene. Hina pushes Dua away and expresses her disappointment, complaining that nobody stopped Dua. Hina then hugs Gazal, assuring her support.

Haider tells Dua that Hina has forgotten the incident again, resulting in a missed opportunity to prove Gazal’s guilt. Gazal tells Hina that Dua beat her severely and threatens to kill her, even claiming that she will die. Hina reassures Gazal that she won’t let anything happen to her. Haider advises Hina not to worry and pretends to scold Dua, emphasizing that she shouldn’t have raised her hand against Gazal. He acknowledges that Gazal is cunning but adds that she is Hina’s favorite. Haider further states that he knows Gazal is a betrayer and a fool, but Hina still likes her. Hina appreciates Haider’s understanding and suggests that they should send Dua out of the house to resolve the situation. Dua apologizes to Hina, who responds by saying that Dua is not apologizing to her but rather planning something behind her back. Haider suggests continuing with their plan for a few more minutes. Dua informs Haider that she apologized only because she won’t raise her hand against Gazal, but she still intends to harm her. Hina believes that Dua’s true face has been revealed.

Haider questions Dua about how she could raise her hand against his wife and tells her to leave. Dua pretends to leave, and Hina tells Gazal that she’s gone. Gazal realizes that she needs to use Hina for a few more days. Meanwhile, Rahat informs everyone that Hina has once again forgotten the incident. Dua believes that Hina is improving, as when they saw Gazal, she was on the floor, indicating that Hina had beaten her. However, Hina suddenly slips into her past memories. Dua suggests that they need to bring back Hina’s memories to prevent Gazal from escaping. Kaynaat comments on Hina’s unstable mind, and Ruhan asks Dua how they can bring back Hina’s memory without causing harm. Dua believes they need to plan something to trigger Hina’s memories without hurting her. Meanwhile, Hina applies ointment to Gazal’s hand, expressing her anger towards Dua for beating Gazal. Haider enters the room and raises his hand against Gazal, scolding Dua for her actions. Hina permits Haider to take Gazal away, and they leave together.

Gazal expresses her fear to Hina, believing that Haider might kill her. However, Hina reassures her that Haider won’t easily leave her for another wife and advises Gazal to take advantage of the situation. Haider takes Gazal aside and pushes her, warning her that he is no longer the old Haider. He reminds her that she was the reason for his mother’s condition and promises to kill her once his mother’s memories return. He even threatens to cut her hair. Noor intervenes and takes Haider away. Gazal realizes that Haider has forgotten her true identity and notices that everyone is in Dadi’s room. Dua informs the doctor about Hina’s condition, and the doctor advises them to keep Hina happy at all times. They mention that Hina was happiest on their wedding day.

And that’s how the episode ends.


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