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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di Upcoming Story: Heer to marry Kuldeep !!

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Zee TV Entertainment’s show Ikk Kudi Punjab Di is currently showcasing the storyline where Rajwinder, upset with Heer’s decision, causes Beant Singh to lose his case, resulting in the auction of his Haveli. The question now arises: Will Heer sacrifice her dreams for the sake of her family?

In the previous episode, Heer and Ranjha visited the Atwal mansion to meet Rajwinder. However, Kuldeep informed them that Rajwinder had gone to Heer’s house, hinting at a surprise in store for her.

During their meeting, Rajwinder discussed the idea of Heer marrying Kuldeep. However, Heer made it clear that she was not interested in marrying him and asked Kuldeep to intervene. Unfortunately, Kuldeep refused to do so.

Heer rejected Rajwinder’s proposal for her marriage with Kuldeep. Meanwhile, Beant Singh returned home feeling disheartened after losing his case and being given 48 hours to vacate the Haveli. He shared this news with his family.

In the upcoming episode, Heer will inform Ranjha that they need to obtain a court order to halt the auction of the Haveli. Meanwhile, at the auction venue, the bidders will begin placing their bids for the property.

Heer will also inform the lawyer about the auction taking place without any prior notice and seek assistance. Additionally, we will witness Heer accepting Kuldeep’s marriage proposal in the near future.

To find out the reasons behind these developments, stay tuned to this space!


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