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Rabb Se Hai Dua 7th December 2023 Written Update: Gazal in a tight spot

Rabb Se Hai Dua 7th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Gazal worrying that Dua is unable to prove her innocence. She believes that she needs Hina’s testimony to do so. Gazal decides to send Hina near God before proceeding with her plan. However, to her shock, she discovers that Hina is missing from the ICU. She realizes that if Hina has revealed the truth to anyone, her game is over. Gazal frantically searches for Hina in the hospital and asks the doctor about her whereabouts. The doctor informs her that Hina has been discharged and that Haider and Rahat took her home. Gazal scolds the doctor, stating that she had warned him about the importance of taking care of Hina. The doctor reprimands Gazal for disrespecting him, but she apologizes and explains that she is nervous. Gazal tells Eihchaaz that they need to go home, but he advises her to check the news first. They are both shocked to see Hina in the police station, defending Dua’s innocence. Hina praises Dua and declares her to be a blessing to their family. She highlights Dua’s role as a wife, mother to Ruhan and Kaynaat, and the one who united their family.

Rahat treats Dua like his own daughter and sacrifices everything for her family. Dua and Hina share a heartfelt moment, with Dua realizing that Hina now understands that she is innocent. Hina consoles Dua and advises her not to pay attention to those who speak ill of her. She assures Dua that she is there for her and reveals that someone else is responsible for her current state. Hina vows that the culprit will be behind bars soon. Gazal, concerned about Hina’s condition, asks Eihchaaz if she has regained consciousness. Eihchaaz informs her that their plan has failed and suggests they leave for Hyderabad. However, the doctor interrupts their conversation, questioning Gazal about Hina’s video statement. He accuses Gazal of lying and tarnishing the hospital’s reputation. Gazal insists that she will prove him wrong and accuses him of not listening to her voice recording, claiming that Hina has partial memory loss.

The doctor warns Gazal that he won’t let her get away with lying if he discovers the truth. Eihchaaz commends Gazal for her continuous deception but warns her that she is heading towards trouble. Gazal slaps him, refusing to let him mention her mother’s name and asserting that she won’t back down until she wins. She declares that she is ready to fight until her death and that if she fails, she will die. If she succeeds, she will get Haider and millions. Gazal asks Eihchaaz to accompany her to meet Hina and check on her condition, but he refuses to go with her. Meanwhile, Gulnaaz opens the door and is shocked to see Gazal. She demands that Gazal leave the house, but Gazal pushes her aside and calls for Hina to come out. Gazal claims that the house and Haider belong to her. Gulnaaz refuses to let Gazal enter and tries to push her out, but Dua intervenes and asks Gazal to come inside.

Everyone gathers, and Dua calls Gazal a beggar. Gazal questions if she is a beggar to Dua, to which Dua replies that Gazal begged Haider to marry her and begged Hina to let her stay in the house. Dua clarifies that they offered her shelter, but she misunderstood it as her own house. She is offended when Gazal refers to her as a beggar. Dua asks Gazal what she wants now, and Gulnaaz suggests that she has come to beg again. Dadi insults Gazal and offers her rice as a sarcastic gesture. Kaynaat asks Gazal to take 500 RS as a token before leaving. Dua adds that Gazal can also take her old clothes. In anger, Gazal raises her hand to slap Dua, but Hameeda stops her and warns her to behave or else her hand will be broken. Gulnaaz and Ruhan also threaten Gazal, with Ruhan stating that he will kill her. They remind Gazal of all the harm she has caused them and warn her of impending revenge. Gazal realizes that she cannot escape this time.

The episode concludes.


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