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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di Upcoming Story: Navjot’s wish comes true!

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Zee TV Entertainment’s show, Ikk Kudi Punjab Di, has been receiving a positive response from viewers due to its interesting storyline. In the upcoming episodes, Rajwinder will discover that Heer is Beant’s daughter and will attempt to arrange her marriage with Kuldeep. However, will Heer become a victim of the circumstances?

In the previous episode, Navjot informed Beant Singh about Heer’s rejection of Kuldeep’s proposal. Surprisingly, Beant Singh supports Heer’s decision and agrees that she shouldn’t get married in the Atwal house. Navjot, on the other hand, threatens Heer, stating that she will be locked inside the house unless she agrees to marry Kuldeep.

Meanwhile, Jeet fights against a gang of goons sent by Suraj Singh. Hearing the commotion, Heer goes outside as well. Ranjha advises her to go back inside, but she refuses to leave. Beant Singh also steps out with his gun, shocking Suraj Singh when he realizes that Heer is Beant’s daughter. Rajwinder reveals that if Heer marries Kuldeep, she will bring the land along with her and eventually break the marriage.

In the upcoming episode, Rajwinder will visit Beant Singh’s house, leaving Navjot pleasantly surprised. When questioned about the reason for her visit, Rajwinder will inform them that she has come with a proposal for Kuldeep and Heer’s marriage. However, Heer firmly denies the proposal, suspecting that Rajwinder is using her to obtain their land.

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