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Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Alia challenges Aasmaa to snatch Armaan from her

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Udaariyaan is a popular Colors TV show that has been keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. In the recent episodes, we saw Alia using Raja as a pawn to enter Armaan’s house. However, her true intentions are exposed when she reveals her evil plan to Aasmaa. The question now is, will Aasmaa be able to outsmart Alia?

In the previous episode, Raja was called inside the registration office for the marriage process. Just when Armaan was about to cancel the registration, Alia made a dramatic entry. The registrar showed the marriage papers to Alia and Raja, and they both signed it. Meanwhile, Aasmaa received a call and went inside to answer it. Little did she know, Alia was up to something.

Alia emerged from the office, clapping and laughing triumphantly. She admitted that she always considered herself smart, but Aasmaa had proven to be even smarter. Alia revealed that this marriage was just a game to her and that Armaan had unknowingly helped her enter the house. She declared her intention to make Aasmaa leave both the house and Armaan’s life. To everyone’s shock, Alia disclosed that she had started planning this scheme while in jail.

In the upcoming episode, Aasmaa will not stand idly by. She will slap Alia and assert her claim on Armaan. She vows to protect her family from Alia’s evil motives. The next day, Aasmaa will reveal that Alia has promised to observe a fast without even drinking water.

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to for more updates on Udaariyaan.


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