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Imlie 18th December 2023 Written Update: Ammaji resolves issue with Agastya

Imlie 18th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with a heated argument between Amma ji and Sonali. Amma ji accuses Sonali of making the wrong decisions, while Agastya defends Amma ji, blaming her for finding Rajni aunty for Govind uncle. Agastya believes that Govind and Rajni still have feelings for each other. Amma counters by saying that Shivani is capable of finding a perfect life partner for herself, which is Amma ji’s fault. Agastya also blames Amma ji for Sonali’s emotional struggles but acknowledges that she has made him brave enough to fight for what is right.

Agastya declares that Amma ji is wrong for all the reasons, expressing his wish that every grandmother makes the same mistakes as she did. Amma ji walks away after Agastya sings a song for her, accompanied by Govind. The family is happy to see Amma ji and Agastya together.

Meanwhile, Agastya searches for Imlie but cannot find her. He calls her and asks where she is. Imlie responds by questioning why he wants to know since he doesn’t mind her coming late in the morning. Agastya becomes angry and goes searching for her. When he finds her, he scolds her for not informing him and going off alone. Agastya admits that he felt bad seeing her with an unknown person. He accuses Imlie of wanting him to behave like an arrogant husband and be jealous. Agastya then picks up Imlie and takes her to his room, emphasizing that she is his own property according to their contract.

Agastya expresses that if Imlie were his wife, he would consider her wants and safety. Imlie reminds him that their agreement is ending soon, and Agastya adds that their relationship will also end. Despite the tension, Agastya notices that Imlie is upset and wants to know what happened at the police station. Imlie reveals that she remembers everything and that her life is in danger because she is the only witness to a crime. Agastya tries to call the police and secures the windows. However, Imlie denies seeing anyone outside the window, dismissing it as Agastya’s imagination.

The next morning, Agastya complains of a headache, and Imlie offers him medicine for relief. In the meantime, they discover that the divorce papers are missing. Agastya becomes worried and starts searching the cupboard. They are called by Amma ji, who presents Imlie with an appointment letter to work in the factory. Despite Amma ji’s headache, she approves of Imlie working there and advises Agastya to learn from the beginning. Agastya praises Amma ji, and Imlie expresses gratitude.

Agastya is happy about the appointment letter, but Imlie remains curious about the missing papers. She mentions seeing Biswa the previous night, but Agastya stops her from blaming him. However, Imlie is determined to find out why Biswa stole their agreement and divorce papers.

In the upcoming episode, Imlie plans to investigate Biswa’s house while they are away, but Agastya warns her against taking any wrong steps as Shivani’s wedding is tomorrow. Despite Agastya’s advice, Imlie remains determined to uncover the truth.


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