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Jhanak 18th December 2023 Written Update: Jhanak is asked to show her skill

Jhanak 18th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Anirudh and Arshi discuss attending the evening function. Arshi asks Anirudh to go to the event, and their sweet and romantic conversation is overheard by Jhanak, who feels embarrassed. She starts cleaning the house to avoid the conversation. When Anirudh finally sees Jhanak’s face, he asks her why she is cleaning the house. Jhanak sarcastically describes her miserable condition, and Anirudh urges her to complete her education first. However, Jhanak reminds him that if he hadn’t brought her here, she wouldn’t have to worry about passing exams.

Despite her fear of pursuing her dream of dancing, Anirudh insists that Jhanak should fulfill her wish first, as it may hold the answer to her deceased mother. Jhanak feels hopeless and afraid of continuing her studies, fearing the reality of her future. Anirudh reassures her and encourages her to continue her education. He asks her to pass the exams and become a good doctor. Anirudh promises to buy all the books for Jhanak, and she is impressed and promises to work harder.

After the family members leave, Chhoton asks Jhanak to show her dance skills. However, the conversation is interrupted, and Jhanak is asked to prepare coffee. Apu insists that Jhanak should dance first. Jhanak is given a pair of ghungur and starts dancing effortlessly, mesmerizing Chhoton and Apu with her spontaneous movements.

Meanwhile, Arshi is performing a dance on stage in the auditorium. Anirudh is captivated by her grace and majesty. The rest of the family members also appreciate her skills and applaud her performance. Anirudh’s parents invite Vinayak to their house for the auspicious Lakshmi Puja, and he accepts the invitation.

Jhanak is asked to perform another dance after her previous performance impresses everyone. Chhoton plays a Kashmiri song, and Jhanak dances again. However, Anirudh’s parents arrive in the middle of their dance.

In the precap, Anirudh and Arshi take everyone in the house for shopping for their upcoming wedding, excluding Jhanak. However, Anirudh secretly tries to buy some clothes for Jhanak at the mall.

And that’s the end of the episode.


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