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Imlie 7th December 2023 Written Update: Biswa investigates about Imlie

Imlie 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Amma ji telling Agastya that if his past is not important to him, he should not keep the photo with him. Agastya gets angry and sets fire to everything. Imlie tries to put out the fire with the help of Dolly and Jugnu. Imlie asks Dolly to clean Agastya’s mother’s photo. She then goes to Agastya’s room and finds him in a sleeping position but upset.

Navya learns from Biswa that he is going to gather information about Imlie. Navya tries to stop Biswa, but he tells her that it’s very difficult to find information about Imlie, so he is heading towards her house. Biswa arrives at Imlie’s house wearing a mysterious mask.

Dolly tells Jugnu that Imlie was successful in extinguishing the fire and saving all the stuff. Dolly mentions that Agastya’s mother was beautiful, and Jugnu remarks that’s why Agastya ji looks like a hero. Meanwhile, Biswa searches Imlie’s house and finds a picture of a lady. Agastya wakes up and walks away, and Imlie tries to stop him.

Biswa tries to leave the house with the photo, but suddenly Bulbul arrives and gets hurt in her leg. Bulbul sees the messy room and wonders who did this. She starts organizing things, and Biswa quietly leaves the house. Agastya plays the same tune on the piano, and everyone gathers to see him.

Agastya tells the family members that they are here to see him because he is hurt. He mentions that he is still a small child in Amma ji’s eyes. Shivani consoles Agastya, but he tells her not to get upset because he doesn’t want his future sister-in-law to be upset before she leaves home. Agastya asks Karam if his to-be sister-in-law is coming or not. Karam informs him that Yashvi is not coming today as she didn’t get the flight tickets, but she will be here soon. Govind asks Karam if Yashvi is coming with her parents, and Karam confirms that he has already told Yashvi to come with her parents. Rajni asks Karam if Yashvi’s parents are aware of them or not.

Navya arrives with Avi and asks Shivani whose welcome they are planning for. Navya learns from Shivani that Karam’s girlfriend is coming tomorrow with her parents to meet them. Rajni invites Navya to come and join them. Shivani expresses her concerns about whether everything will be fine for her potential sister-in-law or not.

Shivani asks Karam if the sister-in-law will be able to handle it. Karam replies yes and tells everyone to take their seats as he is coming. Imlie tells Karam why he is trying to escape from everyone and advises him to accept the truth in front of everyone. Karam confesses that he can’t do anything because he is scared of Amma ji, and he doesn’t want Amma ji to think of him like Agastya and Dhanraj. Imlie tells Karam that Amma ji is a soft-hearted person, and he is hurting her more by hiding all the secrets. She warns Karam that he still needs to confess; otherwise, if Amma ji finds out from someone else, it will be a big problem.

Imlie receives a call from Bulbul, who informs her that she is scared because someone was in the house in her absence. Imlie asks Bulbul where her mother is, and Bulbul tells her that her mother is not here but will be back in 2 days. Bulbul expresses her desire to stay at Imlie’s house. Imlie tries to deny it, understanding the situation, but tells Bulbul to call her if she feels anything dangerous around her.

Agastya tells Imlie that she is joking, but Imlie insists that her sister is scared and alone at home. She requests Agastya to allow Bulbul to stay for the night. Agastya accuses Imlie of doing this because Karam’s girlfriend is coming tomorrow. Imlie gets angry and tells Agastya that she will not call Bulbul for the night stay, but she will not leave her alone.

Agastya tries to stop Imlie, but she is determined not to leave her sister alone. Imlie tells Agastya that she was managing because Amma ji was angry with her, but now she can’t handle it anymore. She tells Agastya to stay in his house and stop worrying about her. She believes that the rest will be in the hands of Radha Rani. Imlie tries to leave, but Agastya holds her hand and accuses her of acting. Imlie clarifies that she is not acting and that she has already distanced herself from him. She walks away with her bag.

Bulbul cleans the room and hears a bicycle ring outside her house, which scares her. Karam is leaving his home quietly when Imlie stops him. She tells Karam that he can’t leave like this, and everyone will think that he has run away from home. Karam explains that he just wants to go far away from his house because he doesn’t have the courage to tell the truth. Imlie reminds Karam that Shivani’s wedding is approaching, and he needs to answer his family. She criticizes Karam for being a coward and not thinking about her sister. Imlie tells Karam that she is courageous for getting into a relationship with a cowardly person.

Bulbul continues to be scared by the things happening around her. She hears loud knocks on the door. Imlie assures Bulbul that she is there for her now and will stay with her. Bulbul closes the door, but the mysterious masked man is standing outside the house. Bulbul expresses her worries about her child because her mother is pressuring her to abort the child. Imlie promises to handle her mother. Both Imlie and Agastya have trouble sleeping as they miss each other. Imlie sees the mysterious masked man outside the window and hears knocking on the door, which frightens her.

Precap: Imlie informs Agastya that someone from her past has come to her family members, and she intends to find out who it is.


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