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Jhanak 7th December 2023 Written Update: Anirudh feels worried for Jhanak

Jhanak 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with the police checking the car and asking Anirudh to tell Jhanak to show her face as she is wearing a veil. However, Anirudh congratulates them and tells them to enjoy. Jhanak feels relieved once they leave, but Anirudh reminds her that they are still not out of danger. Jhanak asks him to leave her alone so that at least he stays safe. Anirudh assures her not to worry about him. Tejas goes to the sarpanch and asks about Jhanak’s whereabouts. He angrily tells the sarpanch that he was supposed to marry Jhanak. Tejas’ men inquire about Rahul’s location. The villagers speak ill of Jhanak and claim they have no idea where she is.

Tejas warns the villagers that he knows who Jhanak really is, and if he finds out that they lied to him, he will destroy the entire village. The villagers feel relieved once Tejas and his gang leave. Arshi calls Anirudh and asks why he didn’t answer her call. Anirudh tries to make an excuse about network issues. Arshi questions him about Laxman going to meet him on the houseboat, so Anirudh lies and says he went outside to explore. Arshi asks if he is safe, and Anirudh assures her that he will be coming home the next day.

Anirudh considers telling Arshi about his forced marriage to Jhanak, but she tells him to focus on driving. She doesn’t let him say anything and reveals that she knows Urvashi is no longer alive and that Jhanak got married to Tejas. Arshi says she will inform the family about his return since everyone has been worried. Bharat’s family discusses Jhanak’s disappearance. Laxman mentions that Anirudh wasn’t on the houseboat when he went to meet him. Bharat worries that Jhanak will come seeking their help, which will put them in danger from Tejas.

Jhanak tells Anirudh that he will be free once they reach Jammu. Anirudh asks her where she will stay in Jammu. Jhanak admits that she has never been there before, so she doesn’t know, but she will figure it out. Anirudh plays some music in the car to uplift Jhanak’s mood. Suddenly, she starts coughing, and Anirudh offers her some water. Anirudh and Jhanak arrive at Jammu railway station. Jhanak tells Anirudh that he is now free and asks him to board his train. She thanks him for his help and says she will go to the police station to find a shelter home to stay for a few days.

Anirudh worries about Jhanak’s well-being and offers her some money. Jhanak refuses to take it, saying that he has already done enough for her. She is unsure if they will ever meet again after parting ways, so she doesn’t know how to repay him. Jhanak declines Anirudh’s financial help. Anirudh tells her to take care of herself and to keep him informed about her whereabouts. He encourages Jhanak not to give up on her studies. Jhanak reveals that she wants to find her father, who abandoned them, and asks Anirudh to clear her mother’s name. The episode ends with Anirudh boarding the train and bidding Jhanak farewell by shaking hands with her.


Jhanak and Anirudh wish each other good luck. Anirudh receives a letter and is shocked by its contents. He looks around for Jhanak.


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