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Imlie 8th December 2023 Written Update: Imlie is in danger

Imlie 8th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Imlie being frightened by the continuous knocking on the door. When she opens it, she comes face to face with the mysterious masked killer. Imlie tries to call Agastya, but he doesn’t answer her call.

Navya arrives at Chaudhary’s Mansion at midnight, and Amma ji questions why she is there at such a late hour. Navya explains that she saw the lights on in the house and came to inquire. Amma ji informs Navya that they are preparing for tomorrow as Karam’s girlfriend and her family are coming to meet them. Navya expresses her willingness to help, but Amma ji insists that they have it under control. However, Navya insists on assisting them.

Meanwhile, Imlie spots the mysterious killer and attempts to call Agastya again, but he still doesn’t answer. The killer starts chasing Imlie, who runs for her life. While running, Imlie trips and drops her phone. She sees the killer slowly approaching her, but manages to stand up and run back to her house. Imlie looks back and tries to retrieve her phone, but she quickly returns to the house and wakes up Bulbul. She asks Bulbul for her phone, and after receiving it, she realizes that it has run out of battery. Imlie asks Bulbul for the charger, but just as she tries to charge the phone, the killer cuts off the electricity. In a desperate attempt to seek help, Imlie bangs on the dishes, which confuses Bulbul. Imlie explains that she is trying to call for assistance and that they won’t let anyone in until help arrives.

The killer places burning coals at the door of Imlie’s house and creates a smokescreen by sprinkling white powder on the coals. Imlie and Bulbul start coughing uncontrollably. Meanwhile, Navya questions Amma ji about why they are doing the work themselves when they have plenty of servants at home. Amma ji explains that money hasn’t changed them and they enjoy doing some work with their own hands. Navya asks Amma ji who started the sweets business and from whom they acquired it.

Amma ji reveals that her elder son Kunal initially bought a sweet shop and later a factory. Currently, Agastya and Sonali are running the business. Navya persists in asking Amma ji who they acquired the business from, but Amma ji can’t recall all the details, only that the person’s name is the same as her late husband’s, Pratap Singh. Navya becomes lost in thought with tears in her eyes. Amma ji asks her why she is crying, and Navya attributes it to cutting onions. She then informs Amma ji that she needs to leave because Biswa will be at home and she needs to make arrangements for his dinner. After bidding Amma ji farewell, Rajni asks Amma ji what happened to Navya all of a sudden.

Bulbul pleads with Imlie to open the door as she is struggling to breathe. Imlie, however, explains that they cannot open the door because the killer is outside. Jugnu informs Agastya that Amma ji is calling him, which makes Agastya happy. Imlie asks Bulbul to bring water and ties dupattas around their noses.

Agastya expresses his gratitude to Amma ji for summoning him and she reminds him that she had asked him to gather information about Navya’s family background. Agastya informs Amma ji that he didn’t find much, but he discovered that her family used to have a business in Purwaiya along with some property in their name. He assures Amma ji that he will gather more information about Navya’s family. Amma ji regrets not asking Karam to gather the information but decides to do so now.

Imlie manages to extinguish the fire with water, but Bulbul wonders what they should do next. Suddenly, they hear the phone ringing from outside. Imlie tells Bulbul that she wants to go outside to retrieve her phone. Bulbul protests, citing the presence of the killer. However, Imlie insists on going outside. Meanwhile, Agastya keeps calling Imlie, but she refuses to answer the phone. She is about to tell Agastya about the incidents that have occurred when a woman from the neighborhood shouts at her for making noise with the dishes. Imlie notices that the killer is standing behind the woman, pointing a knife at her. The killer orders Imlie to throw her phone. Agastya asks Imlie why the lady was shouting at them, and Imlie lies, saying that they were laughing loudly.

Agastya tells Imlie to answer the phone when he calls because he is worried about her. Imlie tells the killer that she hasn’t told Agastya anything and pleads with him not to harm the aunty. The killer demands that Imlie throw her phone to him, and she complies. He smashes the phone with his foot before killing the aunty in front of Imlie and Bulbul. Terrified, Imlie and Bulbul realize that the killer is now coming for Imlie. Imlie runs back to her house and attempts to close the gate, but the killer blocks it with his leg. Imlie asks Bulbul for help, and together they try to close the gate and kick the killer to secure the door.

Meanwhile, Sonali informs Agastya to block Amrit’s calls. Agastya reflects on the confusing nature of life, where sometimes we regret losing someone who we actually need more in our lives. Bulbul tells Imlie that the aunty is dead, and they fear that the killer will come for them next. Imlie recalls what Biswa had told her about the killer, and Bulbul becomes increasingly paranoid. Imlie tries to console her and suggests using her cycle. However, Bulbul informs Imlie that the cycle is in the passage of the house.

Precap: Imlie and Agastya are determined to find out who is threatening their family.


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