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Saubhagyavati Bhava 8th December 2023 Written Update: Avinash kidnaps Dadi

Saubhagyavati Bhava 8th December 2023 Written Update on

In the latest episode, Viraj questions the security guard about his whereabouts. The guard explains that he had gone to the bathroom, but Viraj scolds him and tries to attack him. Raghav’s mother intervenes and advises Viraj to spare the guard, as he could have been harmed or Dadi could have been kidnapped if he had been present. The guard is puzzled about who kidnapped Dadi and who will pay him the ransom. Siya discovers a blackmail letter and realizes that someone was demanding money from Dadi, which led to her kidnapping. Raghav’s mother asks who the blackmailer is, but the guard is confused.

Risha points out that they cannot involve the police because Avinash will question them. However, Viraj claims to have a solution. Siya expresses her concern for Dadi’s safety, and Viraj assures her that nothing will happen to Dadi. Siya blames herself for the kidnapping and worries about Dadi’s well-being. Khushi arrives and shows Siya a drawing. Siya asks Khushi why she is crying, and Khushi explains that she will pray for Dadi. Siya reassures Khushi that Dadi will be fine. Khushi then brings up the topic of Siya marrying Viraj, but Siya insists they focus on finding Dadi first before discussing marriage. Khushi mentions that even Raghav is no longer alive, causing Siya to become agitated. Siya yells at Khushi, which upsets her and prompts her to run away. Siya follows Khushi, but unfortunately, Khushi falls down the stairs.

Meanwhile, Dadi regains consciousness and is startled to see Avinash in front of her. Avinash plays a recording of the blackmailer’s call, but Dadi pretends to be clueless about it. Avinash decides not to inform Nupur about the situation.

Unniyal informs Nupur about Dadi’s disappearance, and Nupur offers her help in finding Dadi. Viraj talks to the unconscious Khushi, blaming Siya for her condition. The doctor informs Viraj and Siya that Khushi has internal injuries and advises them to keep her happy to minimize the consequences. Siya recalls the moment Khushi fell down the stairs.

Dadi refuses to eat and instead practices yoga. Avinash urges Dadi to return home and suggests sending Rashmi and Tushar for interrogation. Dadi scolds him, but he gives her one last chance to tell the truth.

In the precap, Siya discusses with Viraj how they can keep Khushi happy, and Raghav’s mother suggests lying to Khushi that they are already married.


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