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Imlie 9th December 2023 Written Update: Agastya fights with the killer.

Imlie 9th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Imlie assuring Bulbul that she won’t let anything happen to her. Bulbul explains that they don’t have a phone to call for help. Imlie asks about the bicycle and decides she will go and seek help. Bulbul is skeptical about this plan, but Imlie insists that she will try to divert the killer who is after them.

Meanwhile, Agastya asks Sonali for help. Sonali remarks that Agastya always prioritizes himself and questions why he is seeking her suggestions now. Agastya humbly explains that she is older than him and as his younger brother, he is requesting her help. Sonali reminds Agastya that he is lucky to have Imlie by his side, as she will always trust and support him.

Imlie bravely engages in conversation with the killer to divert his attention. She asks him why he is after her, and he shows her a picture of her aunt. Shocked, Imlie discreetly signals Bulbul to leave quietly. While Imlie continues to talk to the killer, Bulbul slowly opens the gate and takes the bicycle. However, a noise from the chain getting stuck alerts the killer. He approaches Bulbul to attack her, but Imlie warns him not to touch her. In a courageous move, Imlie opens the gate and hits the killer with a wooden slab. The killer falls to the ground, allowing Bulbul to escape with the bicycle. The killer tries to attack Imlie, but she defends herself and manages to go back home, closing the door behind her.

Meanwhile, Navya becomes worried and returns home. She informs Viswa that Amma ji is suspecting them. Avi asks Navya about the suspects, but Viswa is not present at the moment.

Bulbul arrives at Chaudhary Mansion seeking help. Agastya opens the gate and inquires about the situation. Bulbul informs him that Imlie’s life is in danger. Agastya assures Bulbul that he will save Imlie and promises that nothing will happen to her. He immediately leaves and drives to rescue Imlie.

Back at Imlie’s house, the killer attempts to break in with an axe. Imlie hides under the bed, recognizing the killer from her childhood memories where he killed her aunt in front of her eyes.

Agastya is speeding towards the house while the killer pulls Imlie out from under the bed. Despite her struggles, the killer grabs her leg, but Imlie pushes a lantern, causing a fire to start. Agastya arrives and searches for Imlie. With the house engulfed in flames, Agastya pushes the killer and finds Imlie lying unconscious on the floor.

Agastya assures Imlie that he is there to save her and fights the killer, but the killer manages to escape without engaging in a fight. Biswa arrives with the police force to rescue Imlie and Agastya. The police want to question Imlie about the killer, but she asks for time to answer later. Agastya tells Biswa that they will talk to the police later, and Biswa instructs the police officer to leave for now.

Shivani informs Imlie that Bulbul’s help was crucial in saving her. Concerned, Imlie asks about Bulbul’s whereabouts. Agastya assures her that Bulbul is fine. Sonali consoles Imlie while revealing that Bulbul had a miscarriage.

Imlie explains to Bulbul that her lack of happiness is because her motherhood has been hurt. Agastya defends Bulbul and tells her not to let the guy she loves enter her life anymore, referring to him as a coward. Imlie supports Bulbul, emphasizing that they fought together against the killer and that she doesn’t need anyone to protect her. Karma reveals that he returned upon hearing about Bulbul, but Imlie states that Bulbul no longer needs her.

Agastya expresses concern that Imlie doesn’t take care of herself. Imlie reminds him that she already mentioned Bulbul is alone and accuses him of never trusting her.

In the upcoming episode, Imlie and Agastya are determined to expose the masked killer.


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