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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th December 2023 Written Update: Armaan seeks Rohith’s help

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Rohit complimenting the delicious taste of the kheer. Just then, Armaan calls him and asks if he is still at the dining table. Armaan advises him to act normal in front of everyone and tells him to meet him at the hotel alone. Ruhi asks Kiara if she enjoyed the kheer, to which Kiara nods. Armaan sends a message to Rohit assuring him that everything is fine. In a hurry, Rohit starts eating the kheer quickly, prompting Vidya to remind him to eat slowly. Rohit then informs Vidya that he wants to meet his friend today as he is going abroad. However, Kaveri intervenes and reminds him about the temple rituals that need to be completed. Despite this, Rohit secretly tells Ruhi that he needs to talk to her alone. He reveals that Rohit asked him to meet him at the hotel urgently, but due to the temple rituals, he cannot go. He requests Ruhi to go on his behalf, and she agrees.

Meanwhile, Armaan practices in front of the mirror on how to convince Kaveri, as he believes that she will not accept their wedding. Just then, Abhira enters the room and accidentally slips, falling on Armaan. Her nuptial chain gets stuck in his shirt button. Abhira suggests that she can remove it herself, but Armaan takes the opportunity to hold her head and offers to remove it. Ruhi walks in and witnesses this intimate moment, reminding her of Armaan’s promise to only love her. Abhira excuses herself to get her mobile, and Rohit notices Ruhi’s presence. He tries to talk to her, but a waiter arrives with drinks for the newlyweds. Rohit interrupts their conversation and asks if they are married. Armaan confirms it and is about to disclose the reason to Rohit.

To Rohit’s surprise, Armaan hugs him and asks if he missed his own wedding for this surprise. Armaan explains that he wanted to give a surprise to everyone. Abhira joins them, and Rohit seeks her blessings and introduces himself. Ruhi smiles at Abhira, and Rohit asks if they already know each other, to which Abhira nods. Armaan informs Rohit that no one else knows the truth yet, and he doubts if anyone will accept their wedding. However, Rohit assures him that everything will be fine and that their wedding will be accepted.

Rohit suggests to Armaan that they can celebrate the wedding later, but questions why Armaan brought Abhira to the hotel, as it will disappoint their families. Ruhi adds that their families will feel betrayed, but they have to reveal the truth to everyone. Rohit then asks Abhira to introduce herself, and she reveals her name. Meanwhile, Kaveri asks Vidhya to call Rohit and ask him to return home immediately. Rohit continues to tease Armaan, who still doubts their families’ acceptance. Abhira wonders why Kaveri dislikes her so much and contemplates going to Delhi, but she wonders how she ended up here. At the same time, Kaveri questions Kiara about the presence of a tortoise in the house, and Kiara explains that it is considered lucky. Vidhya adds that it is one of Lord Mahavishnu’s avatars. Kaveri remarks that they will see if the tortoise brings them happiness. Vidhya places the tortoise in the shagun plate, and the family gathers in the living area. Manisha appears to be sleepy.

Ruhi is seen crying, and Rohit assumes that she is missing her family. Armaan offers her a tissue, but she refuses. Rohit insists, and Vidhya informs the family that Rohit has a surprise for them. In the meantime, Rohit stops the car in front of their house and prevents Abhira from falling. He decides to go inside and handle the situation. Rohit greets the family, and Vidhya eagerly asks about the surprise. Suddenly, the power goes out, and they hear footsteps. To their surprise, Armaan appears, asking for forgiveness and revealing that he got married. Vidhya drops the Aarthi thaal, but Abhira catches it just in time. Vidhya questions Armaan about his secret wedding and demands to know who Abhira is. Kaveri also demands an explanation. Abhira stands up, and as the power comes back, they are shocked to see her. Kaveri recognizes her and shouts at them.

The episode ends.

Precap: Abhira’s Grahpravesh.


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