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Kumkum Bhagya 9th December 2023 Written Update: Bina upsets Purvi

Kumkum Bhagya 9th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Ashutosh heading to get his bike while Yug goes to get the car. Rajvansh and Purvi stand next to each other.

Curious, Purvi asks Rajvansh if he recently arrived in Mumbai. Rajvansh wonders why she is talking like that. Purvi explains that she hasn’t met him before and now she keeps seeing him everywhere. Rajvansh finds Purvi’s joke amusing and laughs.

Purvi walks away to find Ashutosh, and accidentally her Dupatta falls over Rajvansh’s face. She quickly takes it off and apologizes to him.

Jasveer notices Rajvansh and Purvi together, but Rajvansh gets into his car and leaves. Jasveer tries to approach Purvi, but Ashutosh takes her on his bike and they leave.

Prachi and Bina visit Purvi’s house. Visakha notices that Bina is behaving unusually sweet and asks her about it. Bina explains that after what happened yesterday, they might think that Ashutosh isn’t right for Purvi. Bina assures Visakha that Purvi is lucky to have a husband like Ashutosh. Ashutosh and Purvi return to Prachi’s house, where Purvi tells Prachi that they ran into Rajvansh and he helped them find a room and banquet hall within their budget. Bina and Ashutosh take Purvi shopping.

Dadi complains to Rajvansh about Hermal getting angry at Harleen and tells him what happened. Rajvansh scolds Hermal for getting mad at Harleen, and decides to take Dadi and Harleen out to cheer them up.

Rajvansh takes Harleen and Dadi to the shopping mall, while Bina takes Purvi to the same mall. Dadi goes shopping, and Harleen suggests they choose a dress for Dadi. Rajvansh agrees.

Meanwhile, Ashutosh pulls Bina aside and questions why she brought them to this particular shopping mall. Bina reveals that she is trying to improve Ashutosh’s image and prove that he is better than Rajvansh.

Krishna’s car breaks down in front of Prachi’s house, so he decides to go inside and use their phone to call the car showroom for assistance.

Dadi and Bina both select the same dress and get into a heated argument. Dadi comments on Bina and takes the dress away from her.

Later, Dadi and Harleen show each other the dresses they selected and decide to try them on.

Bani notices that Purvi is eyeing an expensive Lehanga. Bina jokes that they don’t want to sell their kidney to buy it.

And that’s how the episode ends.


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