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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 9th December 2023 Written Update: Rajwinder plays her dirty game

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 9th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with the doctor informing Heer that they need to arrange money for Beant’s bypass surgery and call a cardiologist. Heer is determined to do whatever it takes to improve Beant’s health. Meanwhile, Navjot is worried about Jasmin’s delay in bringing the money from home. Ranjha suggests checking on her, but Heer insists on going herself as she knows where the money is kept. She becomes emotional thinking about her memories with Beant Singh.

A nurse gives a prescription to Ranjha to get medicines for Beant Singh. However, Ranjha accidentally drops the prescription. Kuldeep, on the other hand, is in a state of distress and breaks a mirror, destroying everything in his room. Rajwinder enters his room and tries to calm him down. Kuldeep expresses his frustration that Heer has not yet agreed to his demands. Rajwinder assures him that she will convince Heer, but Kuldeep warns that if Heer doesn’t say yes within 24 hours, she will never see her son again. Rajwinder believes that Heer’s emotional state will change within the next 24 hours after the auction of the Haveli.

Heer returns home and asks Jasmin for the money she had kept. Jasmin tearfully reveals that Gurmeet took the money to play gambling. Heer is shocked to learn this. Rajwinder receives a call and is delighted to hear that Beant Singh has suffered a massive heart attack due to a blockage in his heart. She expresses her desire to take advantage of others’ weaknesses. Meanwhile, Gurmeet loses all the money in gambling. Ranjha informs the pharmacist that he lost the prescription and requests the medicines for the heart attack. When the pharmacist mentions that the cupboard is full of the same medicine, Ranjha takes the whole cupboard with him.

Heer confronts Gurmeet at the gambling place and exposes how he was being tricked by his opponent. She immediately calls the police and takes Gurmeet to the hospital with the money. However, when they reach the hospital, the doctor informs Heer that all the heart surgeons have their phones turned off and are unreachable. It is revealed that they have been held captive. Beant Singh’s condition worsens as his pulse drops, causing worry for everyone. Navjot also starts feeling dizzy, and Gurmeet consoles her, expressing her concerns about handling everything alone if something happens to Beant Singh.

Heer reassures Navjot that she and Ranjha will not let anything happen to Beant Singh. She silently cries but acts strong. To their shock, they see Rajwinder in the hospital. Rajwinder smirks at Beant’s condition, considering it only the beginning. She pretends to be concerned and asks Heer about Beant’s health. Gurmeet suggests that they need to urgently perform Beant’s bypass surgery, but they are unable to contact any cardiac surgeon. Rajwinder calls Suraj Singh and instructs him to bring the best cardiac surgeon to the hospital within 15 minutes. Heer expresses her gratitude to Rajwinder for her help, and Navjot also feels indebted to her. The episode ends with Suraj Singh bringing the cardiac surgeon to the hospital.


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