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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 9th December 2023 Written Update: Amrita gets jailed

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 9th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Amrita trying to explain to Gowtham’s mother about the situation. However, Gowtham’s mother argues with Amrita and Bhavani as they kept the truth hidden from them. Bhavani tries to clarify that Amrita was unaware of everything. Realizing that Bhavani knew about it beforehand but didn’t inform them, Gowtham’s mother expresses her disappointment. Jayesh approaches Gowtham’s mother to talk, but she dismisses him, stating that there is nothing left to discuss. She then decides to call off the wedding and leaves with Gowtham. Seeing this, Bhavani blames Jayesh, stating that Amrita’s marriage has been ruined because of him. Jayesh walks away with Ishika.

Amrita consoles Bhavani, reminding her of the importance of staying strong. Amrita receives a message from the bank manager, asking her to answer Virat’s call.

Amrita calls Virat and asks him what he wants. Virat requests Amrita to meet him immediately, and she agrees.

Amrita arrives at Virat’s location, where he uses her as a model to try on different outfits.

Meanwhile, the residents of the apartment approach Bhavani and demand that she vacate the premises. Babita has set a condition that Bhavani and Amrita must leave the apartments for the entire building to be repaired. Jahan defends Bhavani and confronts the residents, insisting that Bhavani will stay and asking them to leave.

Virat hands his credit card to Amrita and instructs her to pay for the clothes. He then leaves with Shekhar.

Amrita asks the salesman to bill all the clothes. Babita advises Nimrit to become like her, as she will be going to her in-law’s house after getting married.

Nimrit likes a dress and asks the salesman for it, but he informs her that it has already been chosen by someone else. The salesman informs Amrita about Nimrit’s interest in the dress. Not noticing Nimrit, Amrita asks the salesman to bill the dress.

Babita and Nimrit realize that it is Amrita. Babita assumes that Amrita cannot afford such expensive clothes and notices that the card belongs to Virat. Accusing Amrita of credit card theft, Babita refuses to listen to her explanation.

Bhavani receives a call from the police station, informing her that Amrita has been charged with credit card theft. They advise Bhavani to bring a lawyer to the police station.

The episode concludes.


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