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Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2023 Written Update: Karan asks Rajveer about Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

Kavya asks Shaurya where he went, and he lies, saying he was in the house the whole time. She hands him his roka outfit, and Sandy points out that he forgot to bring an outfit for himself. Kavya scolds him, and Shaurya promises to give his outfit to Sandy since he has many new ones. Kavya instructs them to get ready and leaves. Sandy compares Kavya’s scolding to Rishabh’s and Shaurya decides to call Nidhi to find out about Rajveer’s arrest. However, Nidhi doesn’t answer his call.

Aarohi asks Nidhi if Karan found out that Rajveer is his son. Nidhi reveals that Karan performed the rituals for Rajveer’s roka and expresses concern about how Shaurya will react when he finds out. Aarohi reassures her and advises her to focus on impressing Karan. Kareena asks about the doctor, and Rishabh informs her that Kritika went to get the doctor. Rajveer suggests that Dadi will feel better after drinking “kada” and Rakhi brings it to her. Dadi drinks it and confirms that she is feeling better. Karan playfully suggests that Dadi did it to get attention, and she agrees, telling them to go and get ready. Rakhi stays with Dadi, who eventually convinces her to leave. Dadi asks Rajveer to thank his mother, and Karan tells him to call her. Rajveer pretends to call Preeta but lies, saying there was no response.

Shaurya tells Sandy that he wants to know what happened at Rajveer’s house. As he leaves his room, he is shocked to see Rajveer. Rajveer questions why Shaurya looks surprised and explains that he will stay until Shaurya’s roka ceremony is over, so Shaurya will have to tolerate him. Shaurya mentions hearing that the police went to Rajveer’s house, but Rajveer clarifies that it was a misunderstanding and the police left. Nidhi takes Shaurya away from the situation. Rajveer discusses business on the phone while Karan advises him to spend time with Palki. Karan thanks Rajveer for the “kada” and asks if he knows Preeta. Rajveer asks if Karan knows her, to which Karan confirms that he does. Rajveer then leaves, and Karan shares his suspicion with Rishabh that Preeta might be hiding in Rajveer’s house. Mahesh tells Karan not to overthink, and Rishabh believes it would be impossible to hide Preeta there.

Shaurya is captivated by Palki, but Shanaya misunderstands and thinks he is staring at her.

The episode concludes.


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