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Jhanak 28th December 2023 Written Update: Jhanak gets intoxicated

Jhanak 28th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Jhanak brings a new drama to the Mukherjee family. Jhanak surprises Arshi with a gift that she received from Anirudh. However, Arshi and the others question where Jhanak got the money to buy these gifts. At first, Jhanak lies and says she was asked to give the gifts to Arshi. But Anirudh reveals the truth. He explains that he found out it was Jhanak’s birthday last night and he wanted to cheer her up. The family members feel offended that Anirudh didn’t disclose this to anyone, but he stands by his decision as an adult.

Vinayak and Apu both wish Jhanak a happy birthday. Apu is emotional upon learning about Jhanak’s birthday and hugs her. Arshi is upset with the gifts and flowers thrown by Jhanak and asks her to take them away. Although Jhanak feels insulted, she promises to prove her capabilities someday.

In the evening, the family gathers in the garden for a grand celebration of Jhanak’s birthday. Arshi is surprised and overwhelmed by Anirudh’s surprise. She thanks everyone for the grand gesture. Vipasha praises Arshi’s choice of life partner and warns her to be cautious of Jhanak’s influence on Anirudh.

Arshi confronts Anirudh about why he gave gifts to Jhanak secretly. Irritated by the repeated questions, Anirudh walks away. Vipasha continues to manipulate Arshi, suggesting that Jhanak should be sent to Kashmir. After a few minutes, they all join in celebrating the Christmas party by dancing together.

Meanwhile, Apu pesters her mother to take her to the Christmas party, but Jhanak forbids her and asks her to sit quietly in her room since she will be leaving the house tomorrow. Apu becomes emotional and starts crying. Vipasha’s sinister plan influences Rumi to insult Jhanak in a dramatic way. Rumi forcefully takes Jhanak to the party and later serves her a drink with something mixed in it. When Jhanak refuses to drink it, she is pressured to do so.

The episode ends with Jhanak getting intoxicated and losing her sanity, leading to her misbehaving with Anirudh. Out of anger, Arshi slaps Jhanak. Later, Jhanak develops a high fever and murmurs her name, expressing her desire to go to her mother.

Precap: Jhanak’s fever worsens and she continues to call out to her mother.


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