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Pandya Store 28th December 2023 Written Update: Yash/Chiku fake suicide to blackmail Isha

Pandya Store 28th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Amba informing Dhawal that his marriage date has been fixed. She mentions that they made a mistake last time by getting him married, but Suhani is a very nice girl. She tells him that the next day will be his haldi ceremony, and Dhawal agrees to it. Isha talks to Rohan, and he asks her if she is happy with this marriage. Isha lies and says that she is happy. Chiku sits alone and thinks that he will not allow the family who made his sister suffer to stay happily. Pranali asks how they can start the rituals for the next marriage when Dhawal’s previous marriage hasn’t been dissolved yet. But Amba says that when time is short, they need to do things together.

Dhawal lies on his bed thinking about Sandeep’s words about Natasha. Hetal, Pranali, and Dolly come to meet him. Hetal feeds him carrot cake and says that she likes a playful and happy Dhawal. They encourage him to give another chance to their relationship. Dhawal cries and says that he has already forgotten Natasha, and they should do the same. Pranali says that Dhawal has already decided to spoil his life, so now they cannot do anything other than going ahead with the marriage preparations.

Chiku keeps calling Isha, and she hesitates to answer. Isha sees that everyone is busy with the marriage preparations, so she decides to answer Chiku’s video call. She tells Chiku not to make things difficult for her because she cannot compromise her family’s happiness. Chiku blackmails her, saying that he will take his own life and shows her that he is near a cliff and wanted to hear her once before dying. Isha cries badly and warns him not to do anything like this. But Chiku says that his life is worthless without her and cuts the call. Isha tries to call him back, but his phone is switched off.

Isha, being worried for Chiku, jumps out of her room through the window. Natasha looks around for Chiku and wonders where he went. The priest meets Natasha and informs her that Dhawal’s marriage rituals have started. Suhani tells Dhawal that she is excited. Amba asks Hetal to go and check on Isha. Isha, on the other hand, calls Natasha and tells her about Chiku being at the cliff and requests her to stop him. She keeps crying and asks Natasha to do something. Natasha rushes to the cliff area. Suman sees her and asks where she is going, but she leaves without telling her.

Chiku receives Natasha’s call and thinks that Isha may have informed her, but this was not in his plan for a fake suicide. Hetal informs Pranali and Dolly about Isha eloping. Dolly accidentally says out loud that Isha is running from the marriage rituals. Isha reaches the cliff and hugs Chiku. He tells her that he will fight with everyone once she says yes. He emotionally blackmails her, but Isha tries to push him away. Suhani and Rohan start blaming the Makwanas for the humiliation they are facing. Before Chiku can do anything, Natasha reaches the cliff and holds him. She argues with him and says that he cannot live if his marriage doesn’t take place. Natasha requests Isha to agree, or he might jump. The episode ends with Isha stopping Chiku.


Chiku will fill up Isha’s hairline and blame her for asking Isha to marry him and getting his family disrespected. He will also announce his haldi ritual for the next day.


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