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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 28th December 2023 Written Update: Rajiv challenges Amruta

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 28th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Babita getting angry at Amruta and accusing her of wanting to stop Nimrit’s wedding because her father cheated on her mother. Babita claims that Amruta is unable to find a decent guy for herself, which is why she is trying to interfere. Amruta denies these allegations, but Babita tells her to be quiet.

Rajiv intervenes and takes the blame, saying that Nimrit doesn’t trust him because there might be something wrong with him. However, Nimrit defends Rajiv and insists that there is nothing wrong with him. Virat apologizes to Rajiv and tells Amruta to leave and never come back. Rajiv pleads with Babita and Virat to forgive Amruta and not be angry with her. Dadi praises Rajiv for forgiving Amruta despite everything. Amruta leaves the place.

Rajiv asks Nimrit if he can drop Tara somewhere, and she agrees.

On the way, Rajiv stops Amruta and mocks her, saying that nobody will believe her and her plan to stop his and Nimrit’s wedding will fail. He asserts that their marriage will happen, and all she can do is watch. Amruta feels hurt and walks away.

The Ahuja family discusses the misunderstanding involving Rajiv. Dildar assures them that he will handle everything. He spots Rajiv returning.

Dildar explains to his family that this situation is just a misunderstanding and that nobody is to blame. He tells Rajiv that Virat and Nimrit misunderstood the situation after seeing a photo. Dildar suggests that Amruta may have also misunderstood Rajiv when she saw him hugging another girl. Rajiv agrees with Dildar’s assessment. Later, Dildar tells Rajiv that he should feel upset if Nimrit doesn’t care after seeing the photo. Rajiv acknowledges this and apologizes to Nimrit.

Virat praises Dildar for the way he handled things and for making Rajiv apologize to Nimrit. Dildar advises Virat not to punish himself for one mistake and adds that Amruta is not the type of girl who is after money. He suggests that Virat may have misunderstood Amruta. However, Virat says he doesn’t care about Amruta and only cares about Nimrit’s marriage.

Jahan arrives and informs Amruta and Bhavani that Gautham has asked Amruta out on a date. Bhavani is thrilled by the news, and Amruta agrees to meet Gautham.

Amruta goes to the hotel and realizes that Jahan planned the date without Gautham’s knowledge. She asks Gautham to tell Jahan that he will only marry someone approved by his mother, and Gautham agrees.

Virat and Shekhar discuss Rajiv. Shekhar asks Virat to stop the car so he can use the restroom. Shekhar coincidentally enters the same hotel where Amruta and Gautham are meeting.

During their conversation, Gautham asks Amruta about the qualities she looks for in a partner. Amruta expresses her desire for a partner who treats her as an equal. Gautham dismisses the idea as impractical and makes a comment about it. Amruta argues that they are part of society and should strive for equality.

And that’s how the episode ends.


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