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Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 27th December 2023 Written Update: Sunil strangulates Reeva

Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 27th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Raghav confronts Sunil and insists that he apologize to Fatima in front of everyone. Sunil reluctantly apologizes, and Raghav expresses his shame that Fatima had to endure such mistreatment. He also thanks Pashminna for filing a complaint against Sunil, which prompted him to review the CCTV footage. However, Baby predicts that this footage will lead to Fatima being humiliated.

Raghav and Pashminna acknowledge that the truth came to light because of the CCTV footage. Preeti notices Raghav seemingly apologizing to Pashminna, and this raises her suspicions. Raghav reveals that they arranged for Sunil’s bail due to Reeva’s pregnancy, and he leaves with Sunil. Paras accuses Raghav of ruining the birthday party, while Amrin praises Raghav, much to Paras’ annoyance.

Avinash bribes someone and instructs them to deliver a letter to an officer, falsely claiming that Pashminna was the sender. Avinash hopes this plan will prevent Raghav from obtaining his house. Later, Avinash confronts Preeti, accusing her of breaking her promise by sending Pashminna to Mumbai. He demands that Preeti and Pashminna stay out of Raghav’s life, in exchange for him leaving Preeti’s houseboat untouched.

Pashminna expresses her gratitude to Preeti’s parents for coming to visit. Preeti’s mother clarifies that they only came because of Paras. Preeti’s father advises Pashminna not to dwell on these issues.

Preeti is surprised to find Ayesha on the houseboat and questions her presence. Ayesha explains that she came to wish Preeti a happy birthday, despite thinking Preeti wouldn’t want to talk to her. Preeti asks what’s troubling Ayesha, who reveals that Raghav is angry with her. Ayesha confides in Preeti, feeling a motherly bond with her. She also discloses everything about her relationship with Raghav.

Fatima asks Pashminna if she is okay after seeing Raghav again. Pashminna reveals that Raghav visited her and Fatima inquires if Pashminna still loves him. Pashminna clarifies that Raghav is engaged to Ayesha and she doesn’t want to think about betrayers.

Preeti advises Ayesha that parents can also make mistakes as they are human. She believes it is their responsibility to guide their loved ones and prevent them from doing wrong. Preeti encourages Ayesha to follow her heart, even if it upsets Avinash. She believes that if Raghav is meant to be with Ayesha, no one can come between them.

Raghav realizes he forgot his phone, and Pashminna hands it to him. She thanks him for making Sunil apologize to Fatima, and he expresses gratitude for Pashminna exposing Sunil. However, the episode ends with an intoxicated Sunil strangling Reeva.

In the preview, an officer informs Atul that he cannot sign the papers.


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