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May I Come In Madam 28th December 2023 Written Update: Sajan lashes out at Kashmira and Ramvati

May I Come In Madam 28th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ramvati and Gulabiya being surprised and shocked when they are attacked by a paper. Upon reading the letter that Bhupesh wrote to her, Ramvati becomes worried. She goes outside and sees no one, but notices a masked man near the place where the woods are on fire. The masked man quickly leaves.

Later, Ramvati discusses the situation with Kashmira and Sajan. Sajan expresses his reluctance to meet Chedilal while disguised as a woman, fearing that Chedilal may do something to him. However, Kashmira assures him that nothing bad will happen and urges him to help expose Chedilal’s true nature to Ramvati. Ramvati asks Sajan to prove Kashmira wrong. Sajan, however, insists that he is not there to help anyone but to focus on his office work. Kashmira tries to flirt with Sajan to convince him, but he remains firm in his decision. Finally, Kashmira asks him to bring her the moon, leaving Sajan speechless. Eventually, Sajan agrees to meet Chedilal disguised as a woman.

Sajan, Ramvati, and Kashmira go to the restaurant where Chedilal is present. Sajan expresses his concerns to Kashmira, but she reassures him and sends him to Chedilal while she and Ramvati take a seat away from him.

Chedilal is mesmerized by the disguised Sajan and flirts with him. Ramvati feels hurt by Chedilal’s actions but defends him, stating that he didn’t do anything inappropriate. Kashmira challenges Ramvati, claiming that Chedilal will touch Sajan given the chance. Suddenly, the power goes off, and a kissing sound is heard. When the power comes back on, both Ramvati and Kashmira are shocked to see Sajan’s condition. Sajan makes an excuse about his ill mother and leaves, confusing Chedilal, who also leaves. The bartender wipes off the lipstick from his lips, and the masked man gives him money before leaving.

Later, Sajan confronts Kashmira and Ramvati, expressing his anger at being put in such a situation. Ramvati believes that Chedilal is not the one who kissed Sajan, and Kashmira agrees. She asks Sajan for help again, and after some persuasion, he reluctantly agrees. However, Kashmira’s Dadi possesses her and attacks Sajan, causing him to agree more willingly.

The next day, Sanjana complains to Sajan about Chedilal’s behavior and reveals her decision to take him to the USA. Sajan is shocked and tries to convince Sanjana to stay in India. Chedilal arrives and refuses to go to the USA with Sanjana. Sajan advises Chedilal to focus on his relationship with Ramvati, which confuses Chedilal. Sanjana glares at him.

In the upcoming episode, both Sajan and Sanjana ponder how to uncover the true identity of the masked man. Meanwhile, the masked man encounters Ramvati, leaving her frightened.


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