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Jhanak 5th December 2023 Written Update: Jhanak convinces Anirudha for a fake marriage

Jhanak 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kaki announcing that Anirudha is here and he will take Jhanak with him to Calcutta. However, Anirudha says that he cannot take Jhanak with him. Jhanak also expresses her unwillingness to leave her village. Rahul suggests that Anirudha should take Jhanak to his place until the situation is under control. But Anirudha dismisses this idea. Kaki reminds Anirudha that he spent the whole night with Jhanak under one roof and now he needs to take responsibility for her. The neighbors agree with Kaki’s argument.

Tejas asks Rukmani about Jhanak’s whereabouts, and she reveals that she has locked Jhanak in a room. Tejas assures Rukmani that he will deal with her later. He orders his men to bring Jhanak to him. Rukmani questions Tejas about why he cannot marry her, but he refuses. Rukmani warns that he will be punished by God, to which Tejas claims that he is like a God in their place and takes her away from the mandap.

Jhanak is upset with Kaki’s behavior and questions her about her harsh words. Meanwhile, Tejas’s men are unable to find Jhanak at her home. Anirudha expresses his frustration with the situation, and everyone suggests that he should marry Jhanak. Anirudha is taken aback by their suggestion and asks Jhanak to handle the situation. Jhanak reveals that Anirudha is engaged to Arshi, but Kaki points out that they are not married yet.

The neighbors pressure Anirudha to marry Jhanak and take her with him, warning that he will face consequences if he refuses. Anirudha firmly declines their proposal, but the neighbors insist. Jhanak offers to go with Anirudha even without getting married. However, the Sarpanch states that it goes against their values and urges Anirudha to marry Jhanak for the sake of Urvashi. Rahul asks the neighbors to stop pressuring Anirudha, but Sarpanch questions if he can protect Jhanak from Tejas. Rahul remains silent.

Tejas threatens Rukmani with a gun, demanding to know where Jhanak is. Rukmani claims that Tejas may have escaped. In anger, he shoots at her feet, causing her to collapse in pain.

The neighbors warn Anirudha that they will reveal his location to Tejas if he doesn’t agree to marry Jhanak. Anirudha confesses that he is in love with someone else and suggests that Jhanak should marry Rahul. However, the neighbors argue that it is not a viable solution since Rahul resides in their village. A lady asserts that only Anirudha can help Jhanak.

Arshi returns home, and Srishti inquires about Anirudha. Arshi informs her that he will come tomorrow. Arshi’s father suggests helping Jhanak financially, but Srishti refuses.

Jhanak’s neighbors continue to demand that Anirudha marry Jhanak and take her away. Jhanak takes Anirudha aside to talk privately. Vinayak questions Srishti’s constant opposition to everything, while Arshi supports her father. Srishti admits that she never accepted Urvashi as her sister and warns Sristi about Jhanak. Arshi assures them that Jhanak will not come to their place, so they need not worry. Sristi proposes arranging an engagement between Arshi and Anirudha.

Jhanak suggests to Anirudha that they should fake their marriage. However, Anirudha declares that after this day, he will no longer help her as he has lost all trust in the people of her village. The Sarpanch orders his people to prepare Anirudha and Jhanak for the marriage.

The episode ends with a preview showing Anirudh and Jhanak getting married. Tejas warns that Jhanak should not leave Kashmir and they start searching for them. Anirudh and Jhanak spot Tejas approaching their vehicle.


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