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Jhanak 6th December 2023 Written Update: Anirudha and Jhanak get hitched

Jhanak 6th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Anirudha and Jhanak sitting on the mandap for their forced marriage. Anirudha expresses his guilt, stating that their marriage is wrong as he cannot betray Arshi. Jhanak agrees that he is right, but suggests that they should get married to escape from the village people and Tejas. She assures him that she will not trouble him and will go her own way after the marriage. Anirudha is hesitant, but Jhanak insists that they need to get married for his safety. She reveals that their marriage is actually fake. The Sarpanch instructs the Pandit to perform the wedding before Tejas arrives.

Meanwhile, Rukmani is in critical condition and her feet are tied with cloth. She pleads with Tejas to call the doctor, but he heartlessly refuses and warns his employees not to call for medical help. Tejas orders his men to find Jhanak, as his honor is at stake and he doesn’t want her to escape from Kashmir.

Anirudha receives continuous calls from Arshi. Worried, he asks Jhanak how he should respond to Arshi. Jhanak assures him that she will not create any problems between him and Arshi. Srishti expresses her concern to Arshi, saying that she feels something bad is about to happen. Srishti doesn’t trust Urvashi and her daughter and worries that Jhanak might trap Anirudh and come to Kolkata to fulfill her dance dream. Arshi shares the same worry. Srishti calls Kaushalya and learns that Jhanak is getting married to Tejas tonight.

Anirudha marries Jhanak, but he can’t help but remember his moments with Arshi. Arshi asks Kaushalya to stop Jhanak’s marriage as Tejas is not a good person. Kaushalya advises Arshi to focus on her dancing and not worry about Jhanak. Srishti suggests that they attend Arshi’s engagement. Kaushalya agrees.

As Anirudha fills Jhanak’s maang, the Pandit declares the marriage complete. The Sarpanch urges them to leave Kashmir quickly. Meanwhile, Tejas meets with the Inspector and asks for help in finding Jhanak. Rahul questions Jhanak about what will happen to her if Anirudha stands in her way. Jhanak reveals that she plans to find her father and confront him about why he abandoned her mother. Rahul and Jhanak’s neighbors give her belongings to her, and she promises them that she will return. The Sarpanch tells them to leave immediately.

While on their way, Jhanak contemplates her mother’s words. The inspectors alert the checkpoints to catch Jhanak. Sarpanch and Jhanak’s neighbors decide to lie to Tejas, claiming that they know nothing about Jhanak. Anirudha stops the car near a checkpoint, and both he and Jhanak spot Tejas there. Jhanak tells Anirudha that she will go with Tejas, but he insists that he will handle the situation. The inspector demands to see Jhanak’s face, but Anirudha tries to cover for her shyness. However, the inspector insists on seeing her face, and Anirudha asks Jhanak to show a glimpse of her face.

The episode ends.

Precap – Jhanak and Anirudha part ways at the railway station. Later, Anirudha reads a letter that shocks him and he begins searching for Jhanak.


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