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Pandya Store 6th December 2023 Written Update: Amresh leaves Makwana house

Pandya Store 6th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with a voiceover describing how Pandya Store has been demolished, yet the remnants still hold the scent of memories from the past. Dhawal secretly watches Natasha as she falls asleep while sitting. Dolly tries to teach Chirag a dance for making couple reels, but he struggles to get it right. This leads to an argument between Dolly and Chirag, with Dolly expressing her frustration about Chirag’s inability to understand her needs. Chiku and Suman set up a new stall with Pandya Store’s name board.

Sesh reveals that he has brought a family portrait to display at the stall. Suman likes it but notices that Natasha is missing from the picture. She insists that Natasha’s picture be included, or else she won’t allow the portrait to be displayed in the store. A neighbor named Kanta informs Suman that Natasha was found sleeping in the ruins of Pandya Store. Suman questions why Natasha would do such a thing if she loved the store so much. Natasha wakes up and realizes where she is. Worried that Suman might see her, she quickly leaves, with Dhawal silently following her.

Suman asks Chiku to come with her to search for Natasha, but by the time they reach the ruins of Pandya Store, Natasha has already left. Chiku senses that something is wrong with Natasha, and Suman is visibly worried. He wonders what he should do in this situation. Meanwhile, Natasha aimlessly walks along the road. Hetal enters her room and discovers that Amresh is not there. She tries calling him but his phone is switched off. Hetal finds a letter from Amresh on the table, stating that he is leaving the house due to feeling disrespected.

Natasha turns around and confronts Dhawal. Hetal cries as she reads about Amresh leaving the house and decides to call Dhawal. Natasha tells Dhawal to stop pretending to care and asks him to leave. Dhawal insists that they need each other, but Natasha refuses. Dhawal receives a call from Hetal informing him that Amresh has left the house, prompting him to leave Natasha and return home immediately. Hetal informs her family members about Amresh’s departure and shows them the letter he left behind.

Dhawal goes to the Makwana house, where Hetal tells him that Amresh left without considering anyone’s feelings. She hands him the letter, and Dhawal reads it aloud. Amresh writes about the hardships he has faced since childhood, from losing his father to witnessing his brothers’ struggles. He expresses that the pain caused by his own family hurts the most. Amresh emphasizes that Dhawal’s happiness is everything to him. The episode ends with Amresh stating that he will miss Dhawal, leaving the entire family emotional.

In the upcoming episode, Dhawal will present divorce papers to Natasha, questioning her statement about him bringing bad luck into her life. He will ask her to sign the papers, and Natasha will comply. However, she will then throw the papers back at Dhawal.


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