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Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th December 2023 Written Update: Kaashvi suspects Geetika’s behaviour

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Kaashvi tells Simran’s husband Harman that she is happy he wants to give Simran another chance. After their conversation, Kaashvi leaves and Harman calls his mother Geetika. However, Geetika quickly goes inside, seemingly scared of Kaashvi. Kaashvi wonders why Geetika reacted that way and assumes she might be upset about Simran. Kaashvi feels like she has seen Geetika somewhere before but dismisses it as overthinking.

Arjun informs Micky that Simran is a married woman with a five-year-old son. He emphasizes that Simran’s family needs her and Micky should forget about her. Micky, on the other hand, insists that he loves Simran and wants to help her. Arjun taunts Micky for his own complicated love life, mentioning his divorce from Kaashvi and subsequent marriage to Mahima. Micky, annoyed, tells Arjun that he doesn’t need relationship advice from him and walks away.

Romila asks Arjun what happened, and he tells her about his conversation with Micky. Romila thanks Arjun, and he reveals that she should actually thank Kaashvi. Romila is shocked to learn that Kaashvi is in Faridabad and asks Arjun for more details. Arjun informs her that Kaashvi has returned and that Mahima knows about it.

Karun plans to tell Arjun about how he hid in Aditya’s car trunk and Kaashvi saved him from Simran. However, Mahima fears that Arjun will find out she tried to turn Karun against Kaashvi and convinces him not to say anything due to his tiredness. Karun agrees and hugs Mahima, who praises him.

In a flashback, Geetika recalls lying to Kaashvi about her baby’s death. She wakes up from a nightmare and wonders why Kaashvi has returned to Faridabad. Geetika is determined to keep her secret hidden from Kaashvi.

The next day, Romila prepares Micky’s favorite dishes, but he refuses to eat with Arjun and attempts to leave. Arjun tries to convince Micky that everything he’s doing is for his own benefit, but Micky still leaves.

Dadi asks Aditya if he has proposed to Kaashvi yet. Aditya admits he hasn’t had the chance, but he plans to do it at the orientation event that day. Kaashvi then serves omelette to Aditya and shares her observations about Geetika’s behavior. She feels like she has already met Geetika before.

Karun tells Mahima that Kaashvi will fix everything, but Mahima disagrees and tries to manipulate him into thinking negatively about Kaashvi. However, Karun remains firm in his belief that Kaashvi is a good person and defends her.

The episode ends with Karun refusing to see Kaashvi and Aditya asking Kaashvi about her relationship with Arjun.

Precap – Karun’s refusal to see Kaashvi and Aditya’s curiosity about her and Arjun’s relationship.


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