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Jhanak 9th December 2023 Written Update: Anirudh convinces Jhanak to go with him

Jhanak 9th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with a conversation between Jhanak and Anirudh. Anirudh expresses his desire to take Jhanak with him to Kolkata. Jhanak is confused and wonders why he insists on her going with him, as it would upset Arshi and Sristi. However, Anirudh explains the importance of her presence, as Urvashi’s dreams depend on it. Jhanak knows that her presence will devastate Sristi.

Before going, Jhanak feels that Arshi should be informed about her presence. However, Anirudh assures her that he will convince Arshi. He hopes that Arshi will understand if he explains the situation to her. Jhanak advises him to think twice about his decision. She questions how he can take her home without considering the consequences. However, Anirudh realizes the significance of taking this homeless girl with him. Although Jhanak is initially unwilling, she is eventually convinced.

Bharat and Sristi discuss the situation involving Anirudh and Jhanak. Bharat suspects that Anirudh helped Jhanak escape from Tejas. They fear that Anirudh may be the person who helped Jhanak, putting both their families in great danger.

Vinayak is also worried about Anirudh. He asks Sristi if she has any news about him. Sristi suggests that there may be a connection between Anirudh and Jhanak, which could explain the chaos. Arshi, on her special day, doesn’t want to talk about Jhanak and asks her mother to stop thinking about her. She believes that Anirudh would never do anything to hurt her. Overwhelmed with stress, Arshi enters her home and asks her family if they have been in contact with Anirudh. They all reassure her.

Anirudh takes Jhanak to a restaurant where they pretend to be a new couple. Jhanak tries to correct the situation, but Anirudh continues with the charade.

The episode ends.

Preview: Jhanak and Anirudh will be on their way to the railway platform to catch the next train. Anirudh leaves Jhanak to search for a taxi, and during that time, Tejas appears and threatens Jhanak. He orders his man to capture her, but Anirudh stands by her side. Tejas points his gun at Anirudh, ready to take his life.


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