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Jhanak Upcoming Story: Jhanak to come KOLKATA?

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Star Plus TV show Jhanak is set to showcase a major twist in the coming days. Jhanak will discover that her mother Urvashi has passed away, leaving her devastated and wondering how she died. Later, Tejas will kidnap Jhanak after she refuses to marry him. Rahul asks Anirudh for help, and he goes to Tejas’ palace.

In the current episode, Anirudh finds a letter in his pocket that Urvashi wrote before she committed suicide. He reads the letter out loud.

In the letter, Urvashi expresses her regrets for the difficult life Jhanak has had because she couldn’t provide her with a peaceful life. Anirudh reads the letter and decides to take Jhanak with him, as he feels responsible for taking care of her.

Urvashi reveals in the letter that Jhanak has a father who is a successful and respected man named Guruji. Urvashi was manipulated by him and married to him. Urvashi wants Jhanak to take a strong stand and asks her to question her father and become even more successful than him.

In the next episode, Arshi will try to reach Anirudh, but he will repeatedly cut the call due to being busy. Meanwhile, Tejas will be furious with Jhanak for betraying him. On the other hand, people will misunderstand Anirudh and Jhanak as a new couple. Jhanak will go to the washroom to remove her vermilion from her forehead, while Anirudh waits outside.

How will Jhanak fight against Tejas?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes, so keep watching Keh Doon Tumhe for more exciting updates!

It will be interesting to see if Vandana can fulfill her own dreams and follow her passion.

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