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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di Upcoming Story: Rajwinder to use Beant Singh’s health issue as bait

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Zee TV Entertainment’s show Ikk Kudi Punjab Di is currently depicting the turmoil faced by Beant Singh after his Haveli is auctioned off. Recently, Beant Singh suffered a major heart attack, leaving Heer shocked. The doctor informs Heer that Beant Singh requires bypass surgery. Now, the question arises: Will Heer sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of Beant Singh and her family?

In the previous episode, Beant Singh reveals to his family that they have lost the case and everything is over. The next day, people come and put up an auction board outside the Haveli. Heer demands to see the notice and is shown the auction details. Rajwinder informs Janel that once the Haveli is auctioned, they will gain both the land and Heer.

In a surprising turn of events, Rajwinder wins the auction for the Haveli with a bid of 10 crores. Heer arrives at the venue and tries to stop the auction, claiming to have court-issued stay orders. However, her plea is rejected. Meanwhile, Beant Singh urgently needs bypass surgery and asks Heer to arrange the money. Heer is left wondering where she can find such a large sum of money.

In the upcoming episode, Rajwinder will inform Kuldeep that she will make Heer agree to marry him. Kuldeep warns that if she fails to do so, he will never show his face to her again. Rajwinder comes to know about Beant Singh’s heart attack and decides to use it against Heer.

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