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Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Alia hurts Raja to blackmail Aasmaa

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Udaariyaan is a popular Colors TV show that has been keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. In the recent episodes, we witnessed Alia’s entry into the Gill house after marrying Raja. However, her presence in the house is not welcomed by everyone, especially Aasmaa. Alia, being a smart player, uses Raja as a bait to keep Aasmaa away from her.

In the previous episode, Aasmaa made an announcement that Alia wants to take care of all of Raja’s needs herself. Alia ensures she doesn’t go hungry by eating well. When Raja enters the room with lots of food, he tries to feed Alia. However, Aasmaa interrupts and forcefully makes Alia eat more food.

Aasmaa challenges Alia to control her hands and mouth. Armaan, who witnesses the argument, advises Alia not to argue with Aasmaa. The situation takes a surprising turn when Raja suddenly appears at their door, crying.

Aasmaa realizes that Alia is trying to manipulate Raja and make him feel weak. In an attempt to teach her a lesson, Aasmaa pours a bucket of water on Alia while she is sleeping. She then teases Alia to wake up and perform the ritual for the first Rasoi. Both of them mentally challenge each other.

In the upcoming episode, Raja will attempt to ride a bike and end up injuring himself. Alia confronts Aasmaa, stating that if she continues to challenge her, Raja will keep getting hurt. The question remains, will Aasmaa be able to keep Raja safe?

To find out what happens next in this gripping tale, stay tuned to for more updates.


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