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Jhanak Upcoming Story: Tejas to find out Jhanak?

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Jhanak is an Indian TV show on Star Plus that is about to take a major twist in the upcoming episodes. Jhanak is devastated when she discovers her mother, Urvashi, dead, and no one knows how she died. To make matters worse, Jhanak is kidnapped by Tejas because she refused to marry him. Rahul asks Anirudh for help, and he agrees to rescue Jhanak.

In the current episode, everyone pressures Anirudh to marry Jhanak and take her away, threatening him with death if he doesn’t comply. However, Anirudh refuses to marry her. The neighbors also try to convince Anirudh to marry Jhanak, but Rahul asks them not to force him. The Sarpanch asks if he can save Jhanak from Tejas, and the neighbors agree to bully Anirudh in front of Tejas if he doesn’t agree to marry Jhanak. Instead, Anirudh declares his love for someone else and suggests that Jhanak and Rahul should marry each other.

Jhanak proposes the idea of faking the marriage to Anirudh, but he refuses, stating that he no longer trusts the people of her village. However, in the next episode, Anirudh and Jhanak do get married. Tejas warns Jhanak not to leave Kashmir, and they search for them in all vehicles. Anirudh and Jhanak spot Tejas approaching their vehicle.

How will Jhanak fight against Tejas? We will have to wait for the next episodes to find out. Make sure to keep watching Keh Doon Tumhe for more exciting updates!

In addition, it will be interesting to see if Vandana can fulfill her own dream and pursue her passion. Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite shows.


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