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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 Upcoming Story: Siya to fake Raghav’s accident!

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Within the Megastar India display Saubhagyavati Bhava 2, Avinash and Viraj will battle with every alternative within the sanatorium. Who will block their battle? To be informed extra take a look at under.

Within the tide monitor, Viraj tells Siya that Khushi is mentally insane that’s why she requested like that to Siya. Siya tells him that she know why Khushi stated like that. They comes to a decision to forget about that matter. She tells him that Dadi is powerful and Dadi will take charge of Khushi.

Avinash wonders how DNA were given matched. He sees Media journalists reporting towards him. He realises that that affected person is Raghav’s blood relative.

Dadi asks Tushar to attach her as a result of she is hallucinating Raghav. She says that she don’t wish to damage Siya’s plan. Tushar consoles her. Later once in a while, he tells her that they will have to journey to Raghav’s space to take charge of Khushi.

Siya tells Viraj that faux assault will occur on Risha and they’ll shift Risha to some other sanatorium. Avinash asks Nandini to accept as true with him and backup him. However Nandini refuses to accept as true with him.

Avinash hears fireplace alarm tone and he sees anyone is attempting to assault Raghav. He saves Raghav and attacker escapes from there. Siya claims that Avinash attempted to assault Raghav. Avinash asks her to block performing.

Khushi will get panicked and Tushar tries to console her. Dadi talks to herself about Raghav’s demise in worry. Safety cover hears this.

Within the after episode, Avinash and Viraj will battle with every alternative.

Is that this a part of Viraj’s plan?

What Siya will do now?

Will Safety cover ultimatum Dadi?

A lot of these questions can be spoke back within the after episodes.

To understand what’s going to occur nearest to your favourite display Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 , keep tuned to this dimension.


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