Joram Trailer: Manoj Bajpayee Is On Run With a Newborn Baby In the Heart-Pounding Survival Thriller

Manoj Bajpayee has just dropped the trailer for his upcoming survival thriller, “Joram,” and it’s nothing short of intense. He shared the sneak peek on Instagram with the caption, “Running from danger, Dasru holds his baby close, facing the ultimate question: survive or confront the approaching end? #Joram trailer is out now! In cinemas worldwide on 8th December.”

In the gripping minute and thirty-second trailer, the story unfolds with Manoj’s character, Dasru, holding his three-month-old child, pondering whether to show her their village. The narrative swiftly transforms into a gripping tale of escape, with Manoj on the run from the police, led by the relentless Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub making an attempt to apprehend him. As the teaser progresses, Manoj is reluctantly portrayed aiding a group in uniforms, participating in the mistreatment of villagers while keeping his face hidden. This intriguing twist adds layers to the plot, leaving audiences curious about the character’s complex motivations.

The storyline takes Dasru on a journey, escaping on a train, traversing on foot, and finding refuge in a camp with his child, showcasing the lengths he is willing to go to ensure their survival. The trailer concludes with a powerful scene of Manoj feeding his child near a carved stone, displaying a rustic and evocative visual.

Speaking about the film, Manoj expressed his excitement, stating, “I’m thrilled to be a part of Joram. The film has truly pushed the envelope in every way. I appreciate Devashish and Zee’s belief in me. We’re incredibly touched by the feedback we’ve had so far, and I can’t wait for everyone to see the teaser since it gives you a true idea of what’s in store.”

Scheduled to hit cinemas on December 8, “Joram” also stars Smita Tambe in this Devashish Makhija-directed survival thriller. The collaborative effort between Zee Studios and Makhijafilm sees Devashish Makhija, Anupama Bose, Ashima Avasthi Chaudhuri, and Shariq Patel as producers. With the script penned by Devashish Makhija himself, “Joram” promises to be a gripping and immersive experience that explores the complexities of survival, resilience, and the human spirit.


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