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Katha Ankahee 27th November 2023 Written Update: Ruhi learns Aarav’s secret

Katha Ankahee 27th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Viaan pleading with Katha to trust him, assuring her that her decision won’t please everyone. He expresses gratitude towards Raghav for being there for Aarav when he couldn’t be. Viaan talks about his relationship with Katha and Aarav, mentioning that Katha considers Raghav as God. He believes that they are meant to be together and asks Raghav to leave Katha. However, Katha interrupts and asks Viaan to consider the situation they are in. She reminds him of the promise she made to Raghav, stating that she cannot break it. Katha requests Viaan to respect her decision and leave. Viaan tries to convince her to reconsider, expressing concern that Aarav might lose his father and Katha might lose her love again. Katha accuses Viaan of disrespecting her and Raghav’s family, leaving him speechless. Teji, Vanya, and Ehsan are shocked by the conversation.

Meanwhile, Aarav confides in Ruhi about his bond with Viaan and how he discovered that Viaan had hurt Katha. He blames himself for failing to protect his mother, but Ruhi reassures him that Katha loves him deeply and promises not to let Viaan near him.

Pari and Vikram discuss Raghav’s struggles and express their sympathy for Katha and Viaan. Raghav understands their perspective and the reasons behind their actions. He tells Katha and Viaan that they have to make a decision now. Katha states that Aarav and Ruhi’s happiness is important to her, and she is willing to move on with Raghav, shocking Viaan.

Aarav confides in Ruhi about his actions towards Nikhil during the summer camp, and she promises to keep it a secret. She advises him to control his anger. Meanwhile, Viaan pleads with everyone to believe that Katha loves only him. Teji, Ehsan, and Vanya arrive, and Pari expresses her disappointment in Teji. Teji explains her helpless situation. Viaan continues to persuade Katha to admit her feelings for him, and she confesses her love for him. However, she pleads with Viaan to sacrifice their love for the sake of Aarav and their family members. Viaan is shocked, but it turns out to be Katha’s dream.

Frustrated, Katha vents out her emotions in front of everyone. Raghav, Viaan, and their families feel saddened by Katha’s state. Raghav asks Katha if she is okay, and she admits her defeat, tired of pretending not to be affected. She shares her pain of not being able to have her love twice. Raghav sends his parents to take care of Aarav and Ruhi. Viaan breaks down, and Ehsan tries to console him.

In the preview, Viaan meets Aarav and decides to leave somewhere where no one can find him, including Katha. Raghav shares his idea of marrying Katha with her, leaving her lost in her thoughts.


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