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Katha Ankahee Upcoming Story: Viaan’s decision hurt Katha and Aarav!

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Sony TV Entertainment’s show Katha Ankahee is currently showcasing Katha’s decision to choose Raghav over Viaan for the well-being of their son, Aarav, leaving Viaan heartbroken.

In the current track, Viaan expresses his gratitude towards Raghav for taking care of Aarav and Katha in his absence. He confesses that Katha still loves him and requests Raghav to let Katha go, as only he can heal Aarav. However, Katha tells Viaan that she made a promise to Raghav and asks him to leave her. Viaan reminds her of the promise she made to him, leaving Katha feeling helpless. Raghav’s parents empathize with their son’s pain and share it with Katha and Viaan.

Meanwhile, Aarav confides in Ruhi about his relationship with Viaan and his behavior towards Nikhil at the summer camp. Ruhi promises to keep his secret. The Raghuvanshi and Ehsan families visit Raghav’s house.

Katha imagines herself pleading with Viaan to sacrifice their love for the sake of Aarav. She breaks down in front of everyone, accepting her defeat. Viaan also breaks down.

In the upcoming episode, Aarav will confront Viaan in front of everyone before Viaan leaves the house heartbroken. Katha and Aarav will also appear saddened by the situation. Viaan declares that he will not meet Katha anymore and decides to go somewhere she can’t reach him.

On the balcony, Raghav and Katha engage in a conversation. Katha appears lost in her thoughts while Raghav suggests that it’s time for them to move on now that everything is clear. He proposes marriage, stating that it is the right decision for their families as well. Katha gazes at Raghav, contemplating his words.

Will Katha discover Viaan’s plan?

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to this space for more updates.


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