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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 10th December 2023 Written Update: Ishika misleads Bhavani

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 10th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The latest episode begins with Bhavani discovering that Amrita has been imprisoned for credit card fraud.

Virat approaches Amrita and demands her signature on some documents if she wishes to be released from jail. Amrita explains that she desperately needs this job. Virat threatens her, stating that she must either quit her job or remain in jail.

The police inquire with Virat about the ownership of the credit card. Virat confirms that it belongs to him and mentions the possibility of an out-of-court settlement. However, Amrita insists that there is evidence to support her claims.

A few hours earlier, a constable informs Bhavani that Amrita has been arrested and suggests that she hire a lawyer in case an FIR is filed.

Amrita pleads with the constable to allow her to make a phone call. She tries to contact Virat, but he does not answer. The constable advises her to wait for her lawyer or family.

Bhavani realizes that there is no money in the house to hire a lawyer, so she decides to seek help from Jayesh.

Bhavani knocks on Jayesh’s door, and Ishika, Jayesh’s daughter, answers. Ishika remembers Babita confessing to Dadi that she had put Amrita in jail after catching her using Virat’s credit card.

Ishika informs Bhavani that Jayesh will not assist her because he does not want to be associated with a criminal. Ishika even offers to call Jayesh to confirm. Bhavani calls Jayesh, but Ishika abruptly ends the call. From Jayesh’s phone, Ishika sends a message to Bhavani, expressing her disappointment in Bhavani’s actions. This deeply affects Bhavani.

Amrita attempts to contact Virat again, but he ignores her calls. Nimrit asks Virat about his missing credit card. Amrita meets with the police inspector, who informs her that she does not require a lawyer at the moment since no FIR has been filed.

Babita tells Virat that only he can file an FIR since it was his credit card. Virat and Shekhar leave, citing a reason to go to the police station.

Rajiv notices Virat and Shekhar heading towards the police station.

Virat arrives at the police station and offers to help Amrita. Amrita requests him to get her out of there. Virat agrees but presents her with a contract. He insists that she must not threaten his family regarding Dowry and must resign from her job. Amrita pleads with Virat, explaining that she desperately needs this job. Virat suggests that she find another job. Amrita reveals that her company has blacklisted her because of them. Virat suggests that she marry a wealthy man instead. Amrita insists that she did not steal any credit card and that everyone in the shop is aware of it. Virat claims to be the shop’s biggest client and questions whether she believes they would turn against her for him. Amrita reluctantly agrees to sign the contract.

Bhavani, Jahaan, and Harsh arrive at the police station. Bhavani speaks to the inspector, whom she knows from before, and explains that Amrita has been detained for credit card fraud.

The inspector asks Virat about the ownership of the credit card, to which he confirms. Both Virat and Bhavani argue against filing an FIR. However, Amrita realizes that an investigation will take place after the FIR is filed. She urges the inspector to proceed, stating that she will be proven innocent through CCTV footage that captures Virat giving her the card. Jahaan also encourages Amrita to press charges against Virat and Amrita for falsely accusing her. In response, Virat tears up the contract, proclaiming that an FIR is unnecessary. He asks the inspector to release Amrita and departs from the scene. The inspector sets Amrita free.

The episode concludes.


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