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Vanshaj 9th December 2023 Written Update: Neel meets with an accident.

Vanshaj 9th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with the workers reassuring Yuvika that they have completed the samples and will finish the entire task by tonight. Yuvika is overjoyed by this news. Meanwhile, Ruhi arrives at the office to inform Dj about her pregnancy, but he refuses to talk to her and tells her to leave. In a surprising turn of events, Dj pushes Ruhi, causing her to stumble. Fortunately, Yuvika comes to her rescue and prevents her from falling.

Vidur assures Bhanu that he will never allow anyone to sign a contract with dangerous clauses like the one they had encountered. Bhanu briefly suspects Dj but quickly dismisses the thought, believing that Dj would never jeopardize the reputation of the Mahajan family. Vidur asks Bhanu for some time to uncover the truth and assures him that there is no need to worry. However, Bhanu expresses concern, stating that it is the small things that can lead to animosity and mistrust.

Yuvika tells Neel that she will personally deliver the order the next morning. It is her first consignment, and she wants to ensure everything goes smoothly. However, Dj has other plans and decides to sabotage her delivery. The next morning, Yuvika checks the packages and loads them into the container. Dj’s plan is to prevent her from being successful, as the cancellation of the order would be detrimental. Yuvika intends to leave alone for the destination, as the tempo will arrive by the time she gets there. However, they receive news that the tempo driver is missing.

Everyone starts searching for the driver, but when they fail to locate him, Neel decides to leave alone in the tempo. Unbeknownst to them, Dj has bribed the driver to tamper with the brakes and turn off his mobile phone. Halfway through the journey, Neel realizes that the brakes are not functioning properly. He manages to avoid a serious accident by hitting a pole safely. Neel calls Yuvika and informs her about the issue. Yuvika advises him to check the curtains in his tempo, and to his surprise, he discovers that the containers are empty. Yuvika had cleverly switched the consignment to another tempo and left alone. She explains to Neel how she anticipated the situation and acted accordingly. Meanwhile, Dj anxiously waits in his office for Khosla’s call. When Khosla finally calls, he informs Dj that the delivery has been made on time.

Yuvika returns to the office and confronts Dj, questioning how he could stoop so low as to manipulate the contract and cause losses for the Mahajan Group. Dj feigns ignorance and acts as if he doesn’t understand what Yuvika is talking about. However, Yuvika stands her ground and reveals that she knows the truth about his actions. Dj continues to deny any involvement, claiming that Yuvika is making false accusations without proof. To prove her point, Yuvika shows him a stamped paper. The episode ends with the revelation.

In the upcoming episode, a new character named Kabir will be introduced, posing as another obstacle for Yuvika.


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