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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 17th December 2023 Written Update: Amruta hits Rajiv

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 17th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Rajiv questioning Amruta about the harm she will cause him. Amruta pleads with Rajiv to release her hands as he is hurting her. Rajiv explains that some women complain about domestic violence because they forget their status, and they need to be reminded by being hit. In response, Amruta catches Rajiv’s hand and slaps him to teach him a lesson.

A few minutes earlier, Amruta performs the Kudmayi ka Ritual with Virat for Nimrit. Deepika comments on Virat and Amruta, stating that Babaji’s prediction is coming true. Sanjana apologizes to everyone, attributing her actions to a slip. Babita requests Shekhar to take Amruta away from the situation, and he does so.

Rahul questions Rajiv about Amruta’s problem with him, as she has caused trouble during his pre-engagement ceremony, his bachelor party, and now the engagement ceremony. Rahul advises Rajiv to stop drinking alcohol and deal with the situation. Rahul then leaves the scene, leaving Rajiv determined to teach Amruta a lesson.

Harsh notices Jayesh conversing with a lawyer and wonders why they are talking. Later, Harsh overhears Jayesh speaking to Ishika over the phone and discovers that Jayesh intends to divorce Bhavani. Harsh decides to inform Amruta about it.

Amruta asks Shekhar if she can leave, as Babita instructed her to do so after serving laddoos. Shekhar suggests speaking with Babita to confirm, and he leaves.

Harsh calls Amruta to inform her about Jayesh’s plan to divorce Bhavani, but due to a network issue, she is unable to hear him.

Rajiv approaches Amruta and behaves rudely towards her. He blames Amruta for causing him significant damage and asks her how much more harm she intends to do. Amruta requests Rajiv to release her hands as he is hurting her. Rajiv then asserts that women like her forget their status, leading to complaints about domestic violence, and they need to be reminded through physical force. In response, Amruta slaps Rajiv to teach him a lesson. Rajiv falls to the floor, pulling Amruta down with him. He complains to the Ahuja family that Amruta slapped him. Amruta explains that she slapped him because he tried to harm her. Rajiv fabricates a story, claiming that Amruta was trying to get close to him, making him uncomfortable. Amruta informs Virat that Rajiv is lying, reminding him of what she has done to save her job and questioning why she would jeopardize it by slapping Rajiv. Dildar suggests that it might be a misunderstanding and urges everyone to forget about it. Virat takes Rajiv aside to talk to him.

Virat reassures Rajiv that this may be a misunderstanding and emphasizes that he knows Amruta well enough to know she is not characterless.

Shikawat complains to the Ahuja family about the mistreatment of their son in their house. Babita and Dadi comment on Amruta’s character.

Rajiv realizes that Virat does not believe Amruta is characterless, so he concocts another story, alleging that Amruta blackmailed him, threatening to ruin his marriage if he does not give her money. Rajiv claims that Amruta did all of this for financial gain. Virat becomes upset upon hearing this.

The episode concludes.


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